Do you like ChurchPOP?


I have mixed feelings about it.

I favor their Instagram and Snapchat stories, but the actual Facebook and website content is hit or miss.

Some positives: I like their to-the-point content. I like their infographics. I like (especially on Instagram and Snapchat) how they foster spiritual life by reflecting on saints and prayer (they do weekly live rosaries).

My biggest “bleh” about it is that while obviously trying to appeal to the social media generation, much of the content is very much the “hot topic” issues, and these issues are often not expressed in a way many young people would be receptive towards. At least, that’s my hunch.


:thinking: examples?


Let me see if I can find a recent one.

Just scanning the last four pages of articles, one thing would be to point out how the primary Catholic social teaching reflected is (1) Abortion and (2) Homosexuality/marriage. These are very important modern issues.

But when they are the only social issues, it begins to give off a vibe that ChurchPOP is more influenced by a certain flavor of Catholicism (often aligned with the right, GOP, etc.).

I believe EWTN owns ChurchPOP now.

Where’s all the immigration articles, for example?


OK, I see what you mean. Let me answer it like this:

  1. Millennials and Gen Z are the main target audience of Church Pop. The majority of them are already in line with Church teachings regarding immigration. So it not really needed.

  2. Where Millennials and Gen Z mostly disagree with the Church is on issues like Abortion and sexual sin.

It only makes sense for ChurchPOP to focus on areas where Millennials and Gen Z need catechesis.

God bless


That makes sense.

I could also see how such a restriction on the subject matter would cause those people to automatically view ChurchPOP with suspicion, though.

And from my opinion, especially when I see Facebook comments on their articles, I think their audience could use a good dose of the broader Catholic perspective.

You bring up good points though!


It did a great job of turning me off from their type of catechesis and evangelism. All this faux trendiness wrapped up in an abrasive and somewhat snobby version of a black-and-white, no-room-for-gray theology was my experience.


That’s kind of the vibe I get.

Note that it’s owned by EWTN. I’m not sure what difference this makes, in terms of influence. And I usually like EWTN (they have a lotttt of different content and media). But usually, they stick to a certain kind of American Catholicism — for example, I’m betting you’d never see them have Fr James Martin on, or have any respect for the National Catholic Reporter (as opposed to the Register).


I don’t really visit it a lot, but I enjoy some of their stuff.

I’m personally not a fan of Fr. James Martin or the National Catholic Reporter. I think their articles are dissenting garbage.


EWTN will never have any “respect for the National Catholic Reporter” unless they stop dissenting, since they been declared as dissent several times by their local bishops over the years.

While the National Catholic Reporter sometimes has good articles, it’s typically considered as a dissent site which argues with the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church.

It’s very common for the National Catholic Reporter to have uncharitable hit pieces written against bishops and conservative Catholics, but you will typically not see such articles on National Catholic Register.

The National Catholic Reporter is progressive version of the LifeSiteNews - which also uncharitable articles about bishops and progressive Catholics


I was using it as an illustration. EWTN is not necessarily merely “orthodox.” They are orthodox, but they also lean towards a certain American political culture. It’s much more Republican friendly, at least to me.


EWTN is international. They do not lean towards the Republican party. They lean towards orthodox Catholicism, plain and simple.

Does Raymond Arroyo’s The World Over lean Republican, yes. But EWTN as a whole simply leans Catholic.


I’m not a fan of ChurchPOP. Too many times I’ve seen a link for their site that looked interesting, but what I found was disappointing. Not really a fan of those infographics, either, or their general layout.


It’s hard to be an orthodox Catholic and not “lean Republican,” since the Democratic party has declared itself the party of death: meaning the right to abortion is part of their political platform.

I’m not a Republican, but wouldn’t ever vote Democratic just because of their ultra-liberal stance on abortion, gay “marriage,” shutting down free speech, and euthanasia.


There are pro-life Democrats, out there.

Abortion is a HUGE issue.

However, the GOP is anti-life on plenty of other (though perhaps smaller) issues. And these plenty other issues the Democratic party is often pro-life on. So that makes it hard


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