Do you like Easter Vigil Mass or Easter Sunday Mass?

I think I perfer Easter Sunday Mass over the Easter Vigil. I don’t know why, it’s just I think Easter Sunday is just a nice Mass. Easter Vigil is nice too, but I like Easter Sunday better. I usually go to both. Easter Vigil on Saturday, then Easter Sunday at 8 am.

What are your preferences?

I don’t know, I’ve never been to either.
I’m being received in the Church though this Easter so I’ll probably go to both, I’ll let you know afterward which I like best lol :slight_smile:

I think I prefer the Easter Vigil.

But that might just be because I’m usually pretty emotionally tired by the time Easter Sunday morning comes around. All the extra rehearsals and the 4 Triduum liturgies (we have two Good Friday services) are wonderful. But I definitely feel like I need a rest when it’s all over. My voice certainly does.
It sometimes seems like I’m just going through the motions on Easter Sunday morning. But I do love to see the church overflowing with people (and knowing I’m guaranteed to have a seat.)

Easter vigil, absolutely. I ahve been involved with RCIA for more years than I care to count, so that is part of it. However, the readings and the music are outstanding; the “review” of biblical history with the Old Testament readings, and the overall richness of the liturgy IMHO is not to be missed. It is the focal liturgy of Easter. It is the celebration of the Resurrection, which all Lent leads to. No Resurrection, no Church.

In a way that is almost like asking “do you like Good Friday Services, or do you prefer Stations of the Cross?”

Easter Vigil

Sunday Easter Mass

Easter Vigil by a mile

Easter Vigil

since the Easter Vigil is the most solemn celebration of the church year and since it combines all 3 sacraments of initiation and since the high point of my personal year is seeing our catechumens and candidates received into the Church, naturally it gets my vote. I still go in the morning as well so I can just be there with no other responsibility.

come on back and tell us how the awesome the Vigil is for you, and welcome home

i really like most is the easter vigil mass sice theour parish here sings the chant that i really like to hear most but its also the start of a new life etc…

Easter Vigil.

That said, I like a Vigil where we take the time to do all the readings. I’m sad, angry even, that this year the pastor has decided to abbreviate the Vigil by only having 3 of the OT readings. Why the need to rush the most important Liturgy of the year???

It should be pointed out that they had been reinstated in 2002 by the new, 73 year old sickly pastor on his first Triduum with us. Now a 56 year old healthy pastor decides we don’t need to hear our own story. I don’t get it.

Easter Vigil. And a high point for me is seeing the catechumens and candidates that I have been with during their RCIA process being received into the Church.

The Vigil.

The beauty of that Mass, it pulls you into history - it is breathtaking!

(It is also not full of creasters.)

I prefer the vigil but since we have two young children we end up at the sunday mass. When they are older will attend the vigil. love it

There are more considerations than just the priest’s health. Please don’t allow anger to mar your relationship with God and with your priest. Pray for him and for all who will be received into the Church this year.

I like the Vigil too but will only go to the one at my mom’s Church. Maybe it’s horrible of me, but I like that it’s shorter at my Mom’s Church. I have a young child too and the Mass at my Church tends to be much longer and tries her patience. My mom’s Church is a fraction of the size of mine, so things like the collection, people going to the Alter to receive the Eucharist, etc… go faster and make the Mass around 30 minutes shorter. Vigil at her Church is almost as long as a normal Mass is at mine. So I get the best of both worlds, the full Vigil and a child who doesn’t fuss so much that I can’t pay attention.

The Vigil. It’s just so…Catholic!


It’s so exciting to see those who have waited so long FINALLY become Catholic and start their life anew, AND, I hate waking up in the morning. I’m up at night natuarally.

Last year was my first year attending mass and we went to the Easter Sunday morning mass, this year I will be at the Easter Vigil since I am joining the church. I think I will end up perfering the Easter Vigil because it will always remind me of this year when I was finally blessed withe sacrements of initiation in the church.

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