Do You Like Tacos?


Just find that they offer free tacos.

I wonder if i can get as many as my fridge can hold.


Only if you have a very small fridge…it says 2 free tacos…one coupon per guest per visit. So unless you plan to make several visits per day, which somehow seems unethical…(not to mention the cost of the ink and gas to repeatedly go to the store…what would you gain??

Doesn’t work for me at all…no JITB near me.:cool:


Dang! I love tacos, but there is no jitb by me either. Of course August 4th is over so I suppose it doesn’t matter!


I’ve been to Mexico several times. I can no longer eat at Taco Bell and other such places :p.


Man, Jack in the Box. I do miss that. Does anyone remember the commercial with the exploding Drive-Up clown?

None around here, though. :bighanky:


Do you make tacos by yourself?


I remember the little old lady saying, “Waste 'im!!!”

Jack In the Box is not my favorite fast food but they have my favorite fast food commercials.



There are no Jack in the boxes here. Not that I know of.

Hope you enjoy them.:slight_smile:


Depends what kind you like. I only make chicken tacos with corn tortillas. I use mexican sour cream,** only.**
It is pure heresy to use any other kind.
I also like going to the mexican stores for the cheese for tacos. It is substandard to use any other kind.

I also like to grill the tortilla on open flame on a gas stove. Kinky, I know. But, that is the ONLY way I will do it.


I love tacos, my wife is from Mexico and we often have great Mexican food.
To me there are only good , better and the best tacos.
Jack In the Box have good ones, many other places have much better one’s.
The best one - well I’m still in search of that one !


I am hungry now lol!!


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