Do you like the musical movie "Grease"?

Do you like the musical movie “Grease”? I love it. I don’t agree with what some of the songs are about but I still love the songs nonetheless simply because they sound so good. So, do you like the musical movie?

yes, it’s a very fun movie.good dance numbers.

I tend to only watch Olivia Newton-John’s numbers.

The rest - eh.

When we were kids growing up in the eighties we always watched Grease again and again and it played on tv alot.

It was on tv the other day and when i flicked the channel they were in the resturant where Rizzo throws the milkshake on Kenicke ,i like that bit

I like the song Your the one that i want

What are some of your fav bits Holly?

At about age 13 my best friend and I watched it over and over again, alternating with Grease II. Looking back it wasn’t exactly a Godly message!

Back in the 70s, Didi Conn’s own Aunt Rachel was a very dear personal friend of mine.
Otherwise, I would never have seen the movie.
On the whole, I don’t care for GREASE, either on stage or on film. Not offended by it,
it just doesn’t do anything for me.
I adore the last two songs in the movie: We Go Together,
and “You’re the one that I want.” I love those songs.
The rest of the film leaves me cold and unable to relate.

Now, there is ONE film that features 1950s “greasers” that I never wanted to see
and only watched, late one night, cuz I couldn’t sleep, and it happened to be on tv,
and I fell in love with the movie. It actually tears my heart out every time I watch it,
and it is REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, with James Dean, Sal Mineo, Natalie Wood, Jim Backus, etc. That is a beautiful, deeply moving film and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I loved it! My best friend and I call each other Marty and Rizzo sometimes, though they admittedly don’t have the best roles. Well, in the case of Marty anyway. So sad Travolta is no longer Catholic.

Love Rebel without a cause.


My Dh’s family think it’s great to show to kids, my kids haven’t seen it.

The message is just so wrong.

Sandy is a nice girl.

She wants to be friends with a group of girls that invite her to a party just to make fun of her, even her close friend Frenchy doesn’t say anything to defend Sandy.

Then to keep the bad boy, she needs to change and become “bad.”

Why would she want to date him after the attrocious way he’s treated her?

Pretending to not know her? Switching dance partners mid dance? Attacking her at the drive in?

Just a terrible message.

This move came out in 1978…the height of the ERA movement, woman’s lib, and female empowerment.

Yet, Sandy bows to peer pressure, and has to change everything about herself for popularity and love, and to be accepted by a different group.

How in the world did this not get blown out of the water back then?
Now, it’s loved by moms and little girls everywhere. 50’s nostalgia aside, it’s far raunchier than most people give it credit for (go on IMDB and look at the “quotes” from it).

I wouldn’t let my kids see it; I don’t want them running around singing “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee…”

Yes its a terrible message pretty much throughout, esp, You Better Shape Up. I like the music, though. I wouldn’t advise it for kids, myself. Its a good musical, though, if you’re just talking about the actual music, sets, and even some of the characterization.

Eh, not really. I loved it when I was in college, but now its not my taste.

I watched it a few months ago for the first time because it happened to be on TV, and also so I could say I’ve seen it. Seems to be one of those movies with a cult following.

Anyway, like most cult following movies, I didn’t care for it. Maybe it’s because I watched it as a grown-up, but I just wasn’t impressed by anything in the plot or by the music.

In other news, other cult following movies that I was less than impressed with were:

  • Rent (although the music was good)
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show (nothing I liked about that one)

(That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.)

Wait, I thought we all agreed that women weren’t supposed to have rights? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly! HATE this show. Horrible message for young people. I can’t believe how many Christians just eat it up because the music is so cuuuute. Look deeper, people! Buy the soundtrack if you love the music, but skip the show, please!

Back when my girls were little, the local ice rink did “Grease” as their spring ice show. One of the older girls in the show, a truly beautiful skater and person, who was only about 16 years old at the time, dropped out of the show because she said that it “presents a terrible message to children and teenagers.” I remember being so impressed with her and her quiet stand for righteousness. Another good reason to take up the sport of figure skating, parents–there are some really good role models in the sport,

If you like this kind of music–50s-style rock/pop, and you want to see a musical with a really good, redeeming message, try Hairspray and Memphis.

BOTH of these shows absolutely ROCK (old style rock!)–the music is just wonderful, great for hopping around the house or taking a long drive or taking to the beach! I’ve seen so many skaters and synchro teams skate to music from Hairspray (my husband’s synchro team did this about 5 seasons ago).

But these two musicals also have marvelous, heart-wrenching Christian messages. Memphis especially has a great song that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ. My daughter (a professional stage manager) wrote a blog entry about how everyday, Broadway is giving witness to Jesus through this musical.

Be careful with Memphis–the characters in the show live together outside of marriage. That’s the way the entertainment world is, and that’s the way the musical shows it. It should offend Christians. But don’t disregard the musical just because it shows real life. The story is about defeating racism, and it’s so good. There is a good side plot about how one of the characters can’t conceive a child because she was hurt during a beating (racist attack)–in other words, the show affirms babies and children (prolife message).

Try them, you’ll love them! And you won’t hurt your soul.

Rats–now I want to go see them both again! Maybe for Christmas?! :slight_smile:

Points well taken, Cat. I don’t think any of us would argue that Grease has a bad message and is more suitable for adult viewing. And even then you have to be wise enough to disregard the message. I don’t think any of us like it because of the message. How many books, movies, musicals are subversive in this manner? Seriously, besides Hairspray and possibly Memphis (haven’t seen it) what modern musicals do have a good message? We’re not less Christian because we think the musical is fun.


Are you saying it is a positive message? I have not seen that one, either. Does anyone know about Into The Woods?

I enjoy musicals, but I don’t know enough of them to know. Let’s get some ideas going! I’d love to investigate this topic!

How about Man of La Mancha? Loved it! The Inquisition scene was a little uncomfortable to me, but it was overall an absolutely wonderful message. Don Quixote’s insistance on calling Aldonza “Dulcinea” despite her objections is like God calling us His children despite ours. And hopefully, we will respond like Aldonza and become Dulcinea, or, what He intends us to be.

you’d love Damn Yankees.

I read that and thought-that does NOT sound like something I would be interested in. So, I looked it up on wikipedia to check it out. It sounds great! Some baseball, the devil, some sassy numbers, and it’s apparently an oldie. Good call!

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