Do you like the musical movie "Grease"?

Good call? quite a pun.
it’s amazing cause Man of LM is my other favorite.

DY is an amazing musical. Gwen Verdon and Ray Walston are superb, the music is unforgetable and has a great ending.

you should know i wouldn’t steer you wrong.

you also have to see Carousel and Robin and the Seven Hoods.

and of course Mary Poppins.

I like the songs “You’re the One I Want” and “Summer Night” and “Grease”. I think there are probably other songs on it that I like as well. I don’t necessarily like the messages of the songs but other than that, the songs sound great.

I liked the music.

But the plot ending was just so wrong!

Camelot, The King and I, Sound of Music

No, only certain individuals in the modesty / gender relations issues threads are convinced that women aren’t supposed to have rights. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ever since I read the title of this thread I’ve had, “You’re the one that I want/the one that I want/woo-hoo-hoo-yeah” stuck in my head.



All top notch, and I gotta confess I do love Julie Andrews. Her voice is like a pure silver bell “in the icy air of night”, if I may borrow from Poe.

White Christmas
Singing in the Rain
My Fair Lady
Fiddler on the Roof
American in Paris
On the Town
Les Miserables
West Side Story

There are lots and LOTS of musicals with wonderful messages and music! I would suggest Fiddler On The Roof, which I consider to be the most perfect musical.

My personal favorite musical is Gypsy. Music and book are so good–this is, IMO, another nearly perfect musical. I define “perfect musical” as one where the songs are “natural.” E.g., in Fiddler, the Sabbath Prayer is sung at the table by the mother before the family begins the Sabbath–it just makes sense to have a song here.

I also like West Side Story–great adaptation of Shakespeare. Wonderful songs.

But my list is really too long to post here!

One thing to keep in mind–there are movies of musicals, and there are actual live musicals. I dislike most movies, so my choice is always to see the live musical. There’s a huge difference in watching a screen or monitor and watching real people perform live. When you see a musical live, YOU become part of the musical, too.

Here’s a suggestion for those who can’t afford the price of Broadway musical tickets, or who do not have a big performing arts theater in their town. Go see the high school and college musicals. These are usually fairly cheap to see. You may not hear the best soloists and ensembles, but OTOH, almost all of the current Broadway stars got their start back in high school. Our city is the hometown of several Broadway stars, and most of them were in their high school musicals right here in our city.

So you never know who you’ll see who will someday be the next big star on Broadway!

At any rate, a high school or college production of a musical will give you the music and story, and from there, you can decide if it’s worth trying to someday pay a higher price for a professional production.

BTW, my daughter is a professional stage manager, and is currently working on a musical.

I don’t know if “Gypsy” is actually a good example of a musical with a positive message, given a main character is a striptease artist.

LOVED White Christmas! You’ve named some great ones. Fiddle and West Side too, though I can’t recall what West Side was about. I only remember the music.

Anyone know Quilters?

I wish hadn’t seen this thread! I’m a total geek ~ Grease and… Grease 2! Sorry.

Now I can’t the song, Cool Rider, out of my head! ( or the motorcycle! :D) sorry… Going and hiding now.

The main character is Mama Rose, not Gypsy Rose Lee.

And a “striptease artist” in the 1950s and 1960s was NOT the same as a stripper in a nightclub in 2012. Striptease artists were shown on television, even back then. So obviously they were not in the same category as the pole dancers and wedding strippers.

The musical Gypsy is conflicted, but I believe the ultimate message is a positive one. It is a story of extreme parental love and over-involvement, but it all works out well for at least one of Mama Rose’s children.

That’s real life. Many parents do their best to raise children well, and in the end, some of the children turn out great and others don’t do so well. That’s real. That’s what Gypsy is like, and that’s one reason I think it’s the Ultimate Musical. It’s so very real and yet it’s bigger than real, and that’s what makes a good show.

Mama Rose is the ultimate Stage Mother, who pushes her kids relentlessly into show business. Eventually one of her daughters runs away from it. But the other daughter, Louise, the one who supposedly had no talent, sticks it out, mainly because her mother keeps pushing and pushing her.

Eventually Louise becomes a star, the best in the strip-tease business, because she follows the advice that Mama Rose gave her–you don’t really take anything off. You just make them WANT you to take something off, anything! Just a glove. That’s all. Mama Rose said, “Be a LADY!”

Some would say that Louise was forced into stardom. But in the musical she tells her mother that she LOVES IT ALL! So Mama Rose knew what she was doing after all, even when all the rest of us thought she should just back off and leave her kids alone.

Mama Rose is all about living a great, big, rollicking, jolly, over-the-top life, and helping your kids to do the same. We all know parents like this–everyday in their family is an adventure. All the kids in the school of neighborhood love going over to that house because something exciting is always happening.

I had a mother like that. Funny thing–we didn’t actually DO anything really exciting. But she made everything SEEM exciting and fun and adventurous. Just a trip to the store became an opportunity to see, hear, smell, and do wonderful things.

She always believed that her children and eventually her grandchildren were amazing and talented.

I’m kind of the same way about kids–I encouraged my older daughter to go into a theater career, even though EVERY poll and survey indicates that people who major in theater have one of the lowest percentages of employment in their field of ANY major.

But sure enough, my daughter blows those surveys out of the statistics book! She makes a good living as a stage manager! So I’m glad I “pushed” her a little.

As for my younger daughter–she’s a physical therapist and makes a good living. But she’s also a skating coach and a good one with nationally-ranked synchro teams, and one team that won the Midwest Sectionals. I think I’m partially responsible for her coaching–I encouraged her to apply for a coaching job when she went away to college. She still consults me about programs and music (this is vitally important in synchronized skating more than any of the other disciplines of figure skating).

At any rate, Gypsy is a story of an “extreme parenting mother,” and in the end, it all works out well for all the characters (except Herbie, but if he had just stuck it out and not given up, he would have been happy, too). The road to that happiness is not a smooth one, and there are a lot of sad and poignant moments in the musical. I think that Mama Rose makes some mistakes that all mothers should try to avoid. But for the most part, it is a positive message, a message of working hard and living very very large.

Sorry Cat, we’re going to have to disagree. “Gypsy” just isn’t a musical that I would recommend if someone was to ask me about a musical with a “positive” message that families could sit down and watch together. I really never cared for it myself.

That’s OK. That’s how the arts are. People disagree and debate, and that’s what makes it fun to be involved with the arts.

I am one of the half-dozen people in the world that really hates Les Miserables, which is often called “the world’s most beloved musical.” I absolutely hate it! I think it’s incredibly stupid. A lot of fuss over nothing.

My husband tries to explain all the irony and fate, and I just don’t get it at all.

I love the music ,though, and wish that someone would write a totally new book for the songs, something less idiotic. The very idea–everyone fighting and losing their lives over a garbage dump. :rolleyes:

Im not fond of Les Mis either. Maybe I don’t get irony.

west side is romeo and juliet updated

Well its gotta be better than Romeo and Juliette updated with Leonardo DiCaprio… not exactly a musical, but it had a lot of music. It was a bit sickening.

I have to say that I don’t agree with the message of the movie (you have to change who you are and become a slutty “bad girl” to get the guy) but I do really like the movie. It’s funny because I was in a Grease play in 6th grade theatre arts (11 years ago) and I still remember the words to a lot of the songs. So when it comes on TV I always put it on and sing along.

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