Do you like your cell phone?


While on vacation last month, I finally put the ring in my nose and bought a cell phone. My main reasons were two-fold. One, so my wife could keep in touch with me while she went shopping and I went birding and two, so I could enter my bird sightings directly into eBird and search the database.

Now that I’m home, I’m going to keep the phone, but only for those two reasons. As it turns out, I don’t like it very much.

How about you? Do you like your cell phone?


I don’t have a smart phone. But at least I don’t still have a flip phone like my husband. :wink:

I think about getting an iPhone, but only so my pics go to the cloud. :roll_eyes: I just think they are ridiculously expensive.


I started using one at work before I retired. It was much better on construction sites than the pagers we used to have and looking for a pay phone :grin:.

I use mine primarily for texting with my family, and for that it is great. I like the camera and internet access too, but I use a less expensive phone and monthly plan to keep costs down. Sometimes, I actually use it to make phone calls too!

I wouldn’t be without one now.


I have never had an outage with my cell phone. It works just as well everywhere. The monthly rate is very reasonable. The initial cost was very low. It is small and very light, only a couple grams. It folds out to produce almost an 8.5x11 inch screen. It is very easy to use.

Of course, it is one drawn on a piece of paper. I drew on an 18 megapixel camera, and stereo sound and I keep adding features, since I have several different pencils.

(Sorry couldn’t resist)


More evidence that we cannot live without technology


I guess I could send up smoke signals to communicate with my son when he’s across town, like they did in the old days :smile:. Sometimes, technology is better.


Mine I pretty much use to keep in contact with my wife and kids. Have universalis for Loth and mass readings and a ton of music and audio presentations. I also use it for amazon audible too.


I’m glad to see that everyone has a pragmatic approach to their cell phones. I’m growing more comfortable with mine, probably because I ignore it most of the time. My wife is still the only person with my number. I don’t think it would be nice to share my number with anyone anyway since I never look at the blasted thing. I just passed the deadline where my phone dies after a month. I haven’t checked that out to see if it’s true, but I did buy a new card just in case. It has brought my wife a lot of relief when I go off into the field by myself, and I kind of like texting her. It’s like we’re having a clandestine affair.


This is brilliant. You get all 50 of my likes today.


The only thing that really displeases me is that I can’t commit to Android or iOS. I was on Android. Then I got my current iPhone. I’ll probably move back to Android for my next phone if Google keeps its Pixel line going. Granted, I only moved to iPhone because it was in a bad year as a T-Mobile Android user. Google was taking a temporary hiatus from hardware, and Sony had just pulled out, and I’m not a huge fan of Samsung or HTC, and LG didn’t have a really good phone that year. Now, though, there are definitely iOS features I’m going to miss if I change, like 3D touch and compatibility with my Mac. Apps won’t matter, since I’m already much more of a Google fan when it comes to the apps, but they make them available on iOS, so that’s not a huge reason to change.


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