Do You Listen to Fr. Thomas Loya (Theology of the Body Expert) on the Radio?

Do You Listen to Fr. Thomas Loya (Theology of the Body Expert) on the Radio?

You probably have listened to other Theology of the Body Experts like Christopher West and Jason Evert but have you listened to Fr. Thomas Loya speak? He is another excellent speaker.

You can listen to Fr. Thomas Loya speak on the internet on Relevant Radio every Thursday morning from 7-8AM central time on the “Theology of the Body” here…

Fr. Thomas Loya is a Speaker for TheologyOfTheBody.Net

You can listen to archives of Fr. Thomas Loya’s radio program called “Light of the East”…

What do you think of Fr. Thomas Loya’s talks?

“Why Do Men Love Football So Much?”


Fr. Thomas Loya explains thru “The Theology of the Body”

Listen to 2/6/05 on Fr. Loya’s Audio Archives…

Here’s some other “Theology of the Body” talks in the Audio Archives…

I haven’t heard any, but I do see him every Sunday. If his homilies are any indication, I bet his TOTB talks are top notch!

I said “no” on your poll, but I have heard him speaking on the TOTB in person. It was a good talk.

I listen to him on the Relevant Radio every Thursday. His TOTB explanations are really good. I also went to hear him speak in person at a nearby church last fall, and he was terrific. He makes me want to learn more!

You can listen to Fr. Thomas Loya’s current “Light of the East” programs each Sunday at Noon central time on the internet at Relevant Radio……d=534&srcid=-2

I also said no because I haven’t listened to him on the radio.

BUT I did see him speak on the subject in person at a Catholic Home School Conference. I enjoyed it.

You are lucky to listen to him each Sunday.

Fr. Tom Loya, I methim once. Our Pastor knows him personally. My brother, a priest, has for his spiritual director, Fr. Tom’s relative. Being Byzantine Catholic, I have seen Fr. Tom’s DVD Video on The Theology of the Body. You like the radio program, get the DVD. I’m sure you can get more info on Fr. Tom’s website: Annunication of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic Church

Yes on radio, Yes in person, and Yes at his church… and I can’t get enough of that priest! God bless him.

I used to be a student of Fr. Tom Loya back when he was a pastor in Solon Ohio. I used to hang out with him and Celeste Stroahmeyer and a few others.

I would say that his understanding of sexuality is limited. I won’t go into any details regarding this but will instead let people figure out on their own how his understanding is limited.


Is it possibly because he’s a celibate priest??:shrug: :wink:

he doesn’t need to have BTDT to know what he’s talking about…anymore than a cardiologist needs to have a heart attack to know how to treat one.

I heart Fr. Loya BIG TIME. He’s awesome. Honestly, I much prefer him to Christopher West. CW is heavy in mechanics and details, which I never took issue with in my marriage. Fr. Loya is much more in depth with the spiritual aspects of the marital relationship, which I very much appreciate. He’s a treasure!!!

It’s not that he is celebate that is the problem. The thing is, everyone has a certain lack of knowledge in certain areas. The thing with Fr. Tom is, he seems deep at first. I myself was impressed with him when I knew him (back in the late 1980s and early 1990s). I just came to the conclusion that his knowledge isn’t actually as in depth as it appears.

Here’s how you can find out for yourself where his knowledge is lacking. This is something I strongly encourage you to do with not only Fr. Tom, but with anybody including myself. What you do is test what he is teaching with actual reality. Perhaps a start for you would be to find out why non-reproductive sex (i.e. homosexual sex, or heterosexual foreplay) occurs among animals.

Father Tom is a heretic. Compare the following:

To this:

Listen to Father Tom very carefully and read the Vatican review article very carefully.

What is Theology of the Body?

A forum search of “Theology of the Body” with “search threads” will point you toward more information. This one seems a good place to start. :slight_smile:

We were fortunate to attend a retreat that Fr.Loya did on the Theology of the Body. We were so moved by his efforts, we spread the word and continue to spread the word of this amazing gift from Pope JP II as well as Fr.Loya’s way of sharing it with us.
The weekend flew by and we hungered for more. I encourage everyone to listen to Fr.Thomas Loya. He is the ultimate teacher of this wonderful gift. :thumbsup:

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