Do you live in/around Land O'Lakes, FL? Women of Grace meetings


I live there, and went to my first Women of Grace meeting today…oh my…it blew me away. We went to mass, we then met in a meeting room attached to the church, and said the Rosary together…talked about our prayer requests, and went around in a circle introducing ourselves to one another…then, we read tomorrow’s reading, and discussed the meaning behind it…then watched a video featuring Johnette Benkovic’s teachings…I ended up meeting some wonderfully spiritual women who are relishing their Catholic faith–from 30 yrs old up to 60…it really was a remarkable group of women to spend time with.

I encourage you–if you are female…live in or around Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church…please pm me, and join the next meeting…won’t you? They take place the first Saturday of every month…9am mass and ends at noon.

Hope to hear from you.:slight_smile:


I’ve been wondering if I have the time/energy/motivation to start Women of Grace here.


**Hey Sharon!! Yes, our parish has a woman of grace group, my friends are in it but I am not since it started back when we thought
we were moving. Evidently it is a 16 week course?


I am in Missouri as well. I wonder where you live??**


You lucky thing! :slight_smile:

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