Do you love all of Gods ceation? all creatures and living things and all non living things?


My dear friends

i would appreciate your thoughts. perhaps these thoughts of the day are just new to me? It occured to me all of creation is an expression of Gods love and since God is love and can only love He must love His entire creation. there is no other way He could think of His creation. If we are to imitate God we should love all of His creation too. I think we should even love the enemies of our salvation. Don’t take me wrong. i think we should love the enemy of our salvation in that we should desire the best for them. We must know that they are our enemies and desire great evil for us with hell but it’s the purpose of our existence to imitate God and God is love and can only love. I hope this thread does not get bogged down on demons, believe me - there is noone who sees them as as big an enemy as me. Don’t misunderstand me. We should love the stars and plannets, meteorites, gases, rocks, dust and all created things in space. We should love our planet and all creatures on it and everything that makes up our planet. We should love Gods creation as God does and that does not mean we cannot use it for food or step on grass. We should use it as God intened- no more or less. If we eliminated sin we would know how to be good stewards of our world and use the wonderful things God has created for us appropriately I think. We all came from a small object which exploded in the big bang and produced our universe and all in it. In a way we are most really related to everything in our universe. I think the proper disposition is to see ourselves as a part of creation, not separate to it or superior to it. We should love all of creation. The more we love the less ulcers we get if you want a positive. What do you think and what are your thoughts?

God bless:thumbsup::slight_smile:


John 12:25 (New International Version)

“The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”


Hi John. To my “wee” intellect, it seems an intricate thought/question… but I think I understand the basics of what you’re asking the forum.

My personal response… is “yes”. As far as an imperfect creature, such as myself can… I do love all of God’s Creation. Of course, there might be variables… to this, since as a creature… I’m not able to love as God loves.

I understand (as well as possible) Our Lord’s teaching… that we must love and forgive our enemies; and that we must do unto others, as we would have them do unto us. This takes some effort on my part, but overall… I do make the attempt. I fail sometimes… but I try. I think my “problem area” in this… would be sins of omission.

As far as the planet and God’s other creatures… flora and fauna; I do my best to respect their lives and their “space”. As a scrupulous person… I’ve had my struggles in this area. I’ve been given to understand, though… through the wisdom of CAF members… that man has been given dominion over the other creatures of the earth (as it says, in the Book of Genesis)… and therefore, (just to use an example which is common in my existance :rolleyes: )… I am not committing a sin against charity… if I squash a potentially dangerous insect-intruder, which I find inside my home.

Having said this… I DO make a conscious effort to leave God’s creatures alone… outside, in their natural environment. I understand and respect the fact that they have a right to live the life which Our good God has given them. But they do not have the right to come inside my dwelling, and pose a possible threat to me or my mother (human life).

I don’t know if my rambling addresses your question, John. But it’s an interesting topic… full of different possibilities. Most of your questions are great discussion topics. God bless you!

P.S. I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by “non-living” things. Did you mean, inanimate objects? Or things in nature, such as rocks? Because I would pose the possibility to you… that even these things are “living”… being made up of atoms and things not visible to the human eye. Perhaps you can explain what you meant. Thanks!


My dearest friend

Not sure of your meaning but you are very right. At it’s core we are talking about the highest form of love here - sacrificial love. The Holy Trinity is Love and can only love. The purpose of our existence is to imitate the Holy Trinity.
I had this thought a while ago. I’ll abbreviate it.
As the Father loves the Son, so we love the Son. as the Son loves the Father, so we love the Father. As the Father and Son love the Holy Spirit, so we love the Holy Spirit. As Father, Son and Holy Spirit love all men , so we love all men. And as they love each other so God loves Himself and so we must love ourselves.

Penance is an act of love when done for the right of motive. Thanks for your input.

God bless you friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


My dear friend Marie

Thank you for your thoughts. i agree not all is sin such as squashing a bug. But we should remember God loves that bug. Could we not see a glimpse of Gods love when Jesus spoke of the lillies in the field and the birds of the air? I think if we had not sinned we would live in perfect harmony with all of nature and no other creatures would have feared us or bothered us and we would not have feared or worried about them. We lost paradise and our blissful state though and this causes no end of trouble. We throw out the equilibrium in our world through the abuse of it even if it is not a sin and this creates much trouble for us without Gods interevention. so it’s to our own advantage to try and live the way God intended as i see it. I think you have a most excellent mind too. Don’t sell yourself short.

Non living things are what I mean such as rocks, dust, water, gases and so on. It’s interesting that you say they may be living under certain criteria. If you can find a soul there then there’s life. I’d like to hear more.

It’s 2-20 am here now. I’m off to sleep. Good night.

God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


St. Raymond of Capua in The Life of St. Catherine of Siena says "the first and fundamental point she made was, that one who comes to the service of God, if he be truly intent on entering into union with God, must strip his heart of all sense-love - not merely love of any other person, but of any created thing whatever. He must strive towards God his Creator with his whole mind and his whole heart. For the heart, she always said, cannot be given over wholly to God, unless it first be set free from every other love.

St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross agreed with numerous other saints that love and appreciation of Creation is only another attachment that hinders Union with God until the person/saint has reached the Transforming Union, at which time the true love for it blossoms.


I don’t love bugs or creepy crawly things. Actually I hate them. They may be good for fish and birds and are important for the food chain, but I can’t stand them.

They can stay in the jungle where they belong. In my house, car or home they are fair game, they will get squashed, poisoned, tossed, flushed, mutilated. No mercy, no remorse, no last rites, no second chances, they will be annihilated without hesitation or consideration for grieving relatives or close friends. Total extermination (from my house/car/etc) is my goal.

Their punishment for trespassing is death, no exceptions. So IF they want to survive, they had better stay clear of my premises !! God help me, I delight in their demise. I derive great pleasure and satisfaction in every mosquito that I smash, every fly that i swat, and every ant that gets poisoned. I hunt them down mercilessly and relentlessly.

I question whether they really are a part of God’s creation, I suspect they were really made by Satan and his demons. Maybe a good exorchist can permanently get rid of these darn pests !! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi again, John. I agree with this. It’s often been the source of my scruples concerning “creepy crawly” intruders (and the fact that I’m responsible for my mothers safety and well-being). :frowning: I don’t know how many times I’ve posted “SOS” threads on CAF… in regards to this. Whenever I’ve had to squash bugs… I suffer guilt that I can’t fully express. (Unlike our dear friend, “wcknight” above. lol. “wcknight” :hug1: ).

Absolutely, to all of the above. The “fall” resulted in the loss of Paradise for Adam and Eve and all of their descendants (us!). I have wondered… what it must have been like, to simply walk up to a lion and scratch his head. Or to have an eagle, sit fearlessly on ones arm. Or to swim in the ocean WITH the sharks. Do you think that these will be a part of Heaven? I hope so. Because I do love animals (despite fear of the “creepy crawlies” :blush: ).

Tell me what you think about this idea. It seems that more women, than men… fear “creepy crawlies”. Do you think, perhaps, this is a particular effect of the “fall” on women? Hmmm. Maybe because Eve was deceived by THE “creepy crawly” of all time. :bigyikes:

This is an interesting thought. Perhaps, because we see so little of it in modern society. I have also wondered, in the past… what our Good Lord thinks about the “progress” man is constantly striving to make on things of this earth? It seems to be almost an end, in itself… (for some) to keep improving the latest inventions. The best example of this, that I can think of… are computers. The confounded things are often obsolete before you’ve gotten them home and out of the box! Let’s not even get into the internet. :hmmm: lol.

I wonder if God feels that we try to “progress” too quickly? I personally feel that we waste far too much time… on trivial things. And don’t spend enough time on the things that matter. Getting to Heaven and helping our brothers and sisters to get there.

To this, it is my understanding that animals do not possess a “soul” in the same way that a human does. In other words, they are not made in the image and likeness of God. But they do have a sort of “animating” spirit… with which, while they’re alive… they can express what seems almost to be emotions. You know, how a dog or a cat would act. But what happens to them… after they die? Only Our good Lord knows the answer.

In regards to rocks, dust, water, gases… maybe even stars and other celestial objects… etc., these things are made up of living organisms… which we know as atoms, electrons… and so forth. So they are a form of life. But as to whether we could actually say… “this rock is alive”. That I don’t know. I guess we’d have to ask the appropriate scientist about that.

Fr. Thomas Dubay has an interesting book that touches on this. It’s called “The Evidential Power of Beauty”. Here is a link.

God bless you too! :slight_smile:


I find it a great deal easier to love all of God’s non-human creations (apart from smug-looking cats who do their business in our garden;)) than the human variety of whom I struggle to love more than a handful.


I agree with you here. We live in a world of good and evil. God alone is good and God alone should be our focus.

Our joy should come from God, or by saying the Holy Rosary.

My sights are set on the Hereafter.


I’ll have to try his book. I’m re-reading Fire Within and liking it so much better than the first time I read it, so my brain must be in the right mindset.


:sad_yes:me too.


Or “seek ye first …”.


Is this true though? :slight_smile:


From what I’ve read, the Big Bang theory is still that - a theory. I haven’t heard of anyone (christian) that knows for sure, tho’, and the Church leaves that up to the individual to decide, so hasn’t said definitively.


I love everything except earwigs, eggplant, and tapeworms.

Seriously, though, I’m an* a posteriori *kind of guy, so seek me first the beauty of creation and there I find God. (I don’t see how any ecologist could honestly be an atheist or agnostic. :confused:)


Doesn’t seem to make any sense, does it?:hmmm:


brigid… No, I have not read CS Lewis “Space Trilogy”. It does sound interesting, though. I’ll have to poke around for it in the bookstore when I can.

Sounds like a set that my nephew would really enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation!

And your example of the rapid “advances” in the medical field (many of which are immoral… cloning, etc.) was a great example! Much better than the “computer” example. Thank you! :thumbsup:

God bless.



My examples were only as valid as yours (besides, yours were something we experience… grrrrrr:D… more in daily life) and we both know that He is responsible for any good any human does, anyway.

Although your nephew may like the space trilogy a lot, I don’t think of CS Lewis’ writings for youth as much - his writing is appreciate most by adults, I think. He has a lot of relational development and theology in his space trilogy that is often lost on younger people. Try it, you may like it more than you think (at least, I liked it better than I would have thought). Oh, and btw, your library likely has it - that way you can “try it before you buy it”.


Oh, he’s a big guy! Almost 25 and MUCH smarter than his auntie… :blushing: He’s studying to become a teacher (and I’m praying he’ll receive a vocation to the priesthood). Thanks for the library tip!

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