Do you love your parish?


I absolutely adore our parish! So much that we go out of our way to attend! We have a church about a block and a half from home but we choose to travel 8 miles instead. Our priest is the greatest guy and everyone we know at the church is awesome! I could have chosen any number of parishes for our family but I chose St. Benedicts. I say that “I chose” because I was the only Catholic in our family until my husband and our two daughters, now 6 and 8, “joined the Tiber swim team” at Easter Vigil three years ago. My family has never been so blessed!

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I do love my parish!!! I’ve been there since May (I moved into the area.) About the only thing I would change is I wish they would do the Extraordinary form at my parish. (It is done at another parish not too far away, so nothing to complain about.)
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The site was down right before posting this…but when it gets up. You’ll see why we love our parish. Nothing better than the Friars and orthodox leaders commited. Some are former seminarians like me.


Yes, I love my parish. I was heartbroken when our former pastor was reassigned last summer, but I realize it is the parish that we love. It is the community. The little old lady that gives me a hug whenever she sees me, the people that tell me that they love to watch my sons serve, the parish secretary who makes me laugh. The confessional that has only been slightly modified to include face-to-face on one side. The 30 or 40 people who show up 3 mornings a week for 6:30 am Mass. The little side area with Mary and candles. I like the smallness of our parish - I am not lost among the masses. I love the quiet reverence before and during Mass. We visit our former pastor once in a while, but we love our new one, too.

Perfect, no. Our new pastor prefers not to use the sanctus bells. The 21st century hasn’t made it to our parish yet and there is no website. We have a risen Christ over the altar (though our new pastor has purchased a larger, more prominent processional crucifix). But, I don’t have to stretch too far to imagine heaven on earth!


The second link–that altar is so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing with us.:slight_smile:


Yes, the risen Christ…the very first parish we went to…it had a stained glass (massive) picture of Jesus…smiling, breaking bread…and two people sitting on either side of him…one a woman, smiling, and the other a man smiling–both touching His shoulder. It was beautiful artwork…but a bit liberal looking, if that makes sense. My kids liked the picture, and we actually go to this first church for confession, because it falls on a Saturday when everyone can go together…unlike our current parish. But, the risen Christ…hmmm…there is nothing wrong with the risen Christ…but I really feel I’m in a more solemn mass, if I see a crucifix. Our faith is not supposed to make us feel downtrodden and sad…but we are supposed to feel great joy with the fact that Jesus rose from the dead…and conquered death for us all…but, I think for some reason, modern day Churches want to ‘get away’ from the suffering Christ, because as a society, we run from suffering. But, Jesus suffered for our sins–it’s the whole crux of our faith. I actually feel great peace in knowing that He loved me that much…and also that I’m really nothing without Him.

Like you, I like small parishes. This one is twice the size of the one we were members of in PA…that parish is my absolute favorite ever. That parish was small, yet alive with the faith. There were three priests…one who ‘told it like it is,’ and wasn’t afraid to discuss mortal sin, then there was another one who was so uplifting…and always talked about the beauty of confession. They had kneelers.:slight_smile: Everyone genuflected. No bowls for placing the Eucharist in…it really was the best parish ever. My kids miss it too…but this parish is a close second despite its size.


I love, Love, LOVE my parish. Sadly our church doesn’t have it’s own website (the school does ) The church itself is over 100 years old and is absolutely breathtaking. But even more so is the feeling I get when I go inside - it’s so peaceful and holy. We have just 1 priest and 1 deacon (both are loved by all). When I converted about 12 years ago, the priest we have now served with his uncle and they both presided over Mass - it was so neat!
I feel I definitely get my spiritual “nourishment” there and I can’t say enough good things about it. I was received into the Church there, and DH and I were married there. I like to go about an hour before Mass starts to kneel in front of the Tabernacle and I’m usually alone, but the feeling there is… well, it’s awesome! I never want to move from there. :heart:

ETA: My parish is about 2 or 3 miles from home and there is a parish up the street, but I do feel more at home where I am.


I love my parish. AND it’s but 3 blocks from my home. However, when I go to Virginia I absolutely feel just as much at home in St. Francis Of Assisi RC Church in Staunton. Beautiful old world feel and gorgeous stained glass. Not to mention Fr. Jerry. NO ONE sleeps during his sermons.



Oh, that sounds great…up north parishes are by far more…what’s the word…traditional/cathedral looking than the ones I’ve seen down south. The one we belong to now is very pretty–very simple design, and very beautiful…my son likes the architecture, he says. ha It smells like chlorine a lot, because they have thist running font, if your will, at the entrance, where you dip your hand in holy water. Is that right to have that? :blush:

Hey, kathy–you can walk to your parish too…with all the walking you do, why have a car? :slight_smile:


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