do you love your

God first
Do you love your enemy or
Do you love your brother?

Here we go again where people want to hate their brothers as humans and their brothers as Christ like. Why can some people have been so vain in they’re thinking we are to love all our brothers whether, they are in Christ or not.

It seems like everyday I find a tread about why Christians have to fight all the time now I find these on Atheist boards but mix with a lot of others things. If it is not your board that I post this for it is ok because I wrote this post for all to think about?

There is nothing to fight about so what they do not believe as you do or they may not even believe at all. So what they may commit a sin that you do not like I bet the one you commit is no better than one they committed because I never heard one being greater an another.

Are you God will you are judge over the world I heard of people seem to be thinking like that they usably end up in jail where they should be? Yes I think people need to be in jail for that kind of actions and I understand what it means to lose your freedom.

Christ said it and that should make it so for Christians but I find Atheism having more love than Christians here. Do you really love your enemy and do you really love your brother because I do not care he in that group.

I getting tired now and I will stop soon but I love you all love Roy.

Good point Roy. I think we as Christians sometimes automatically take the high road over others because we know we have the truth but truth without love is nothing, as the Scriptures warns us.

The other thing is that loving your enemies and those that hate you is easier to say than to achieve… and it is very confronting when we really think about who our enemies are and then try to love them. I think of Pope John Paul II who forgave and befriended the Turkish terrorist, Mehmet Ali Agca, who shot him.

We have to remind ourselves that the love comes from Christ, it is a gift and we should pray for it often… something I forget to do.

God Bless,


God first

hi Rove

God bless you too

thank you that bless my heart

love Roy

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