Do you make reparation for sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary? How do you do this? Do you think it a worthy cause?

My dear friends
Below is some info on great devotions to the Blessed Virgin. Have you done the five first saturdays devotion? What do you think about this and other devotions to her? What devotions do you do for Mary? Do you ever think about her request for people to get that sword out of her heart as she asked at Fatima?

What are your thoughts on all this?

God bless you all:thumbsup::slight_smile:
**Specific Devotions ** appeared to St. Catherine Labouré standing on a globe, rays of light streaming from her fingers, enframed in an oval frame inscribed with the words, “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.” The whole vision “turned” showing the back of the oval inscribed with the letter “M” entwined with a Cross, and the hearts of Jesus and Mary, the former surrounded with thorns, the latter pierced with a sword. 12 stars circled this oval frame. Mary told her to strike a medal in this form – a medal now known as the “Miraculous Medal” – and that all who wore it properly after having it blessed would receive graces. The wearing of the Miraculous Medal has become one of the most common devotions to the Immaculate Heart. to the Immaculate Heart became even more popularized after Mary’s appearing to the three young shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal in 1917 (before the Russian Revolution), when she asked that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart to prevent the spread of “the errors of Russia.” Eight years later, in 1925, Mary appeared to one of the visionaries – Lucia, who’d since become a nun – and requested reparations for the various ways in which her Immaculate Heart was offended – such as attacks against her Immaculate Conception, virginity and divine maternity, and for those who teach their children contempt of Mary or who insult her by desecrating her images.

To make these reparations, she asked that we do 5 things, all with the intention of making reparation to her Immaculate Heart:

*]recite at least Five Decades of the Rosary every day
*]wear the Brown Scapular
*]offer our daily duty to God as an act of sacrifice (ie., make the Morning Offering)
*]make Five First Saturdays of Reparation to Her Immaculate Heart (see below)
*]the Pope, in union with all the bishops of the world, must consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. Russia would be converted through this means, and a period of peace to be given to the world. If this is not done (and it hasn’t been done), Russia will “spread her errors throughout the world.” This consecration must be of Russia – not “the world,” but Russia by name.
The “First Saturdays of Reparation” was not a new devotion, but it was even more popularized after Our Lady appeared at Fatima. It consists of, on the first Saturday of each month for five consecutive months:
*]going to Confession (may be 8 days before the Saturday as long as one stays in a state of grace)
*]receiving the Eucharist
*]praying 5 decades of the Rosary, including the Fatima Prayer
*]“keeping her company” for 15 minutes while meditating on all of the Mysteries of the Rosary with the intention of making reparation to her. This can be done by reading Scripture or other writings relevant to the Mysteries, meditating on pictures of the Mysteries, or simple meditation.
[/LIST]The promise given by Mary to those who make the First Saturday devotion is her assistance at the hour of their death.

Excellent post John :thumbsup: But you’ve forgotten an important prayer, which the children seers of Fatima were taught:

O Jesus, it is for the love of You, in reparation for the offences committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and for the conversion of poor sinners

There we go. :slight_smile:

Now that I’m a bit more awake, I’ve read your post with keener eyes, and I’ve noticed some errors:

Mary asks us to pray 5 decades of the Rosary (which is basically one Rosary), but this dosen’t include the Fatima Prayer. The Fatima Prayer is optional, not mandatory.

The consecration of Russia to Mary was done by Pope John Paul II, and Sister Lucia confrimed it.

Mary has asked us to make the Five First Satudays in order to repair the offenses against her. She has not asked us to wear the Brown Scapular or make spiritual sacrifices in reparation, although these are a part of the message of Fatima.

All these things can be discoveered simply by reading what Lucia said in her memors. It’s a wonderful little book, very easy to read, and it really goes into great detail on the message of Fatima and on the apparitions.

My dear friend

Thank you for pointing that out. I was more focused on the efforts to make reparation than the fine points of what our Lady asked. The things you point out are all good things we should do, regardless of what we think was or wasn’t asked. But I thank you for the input. You do a lot of work on the forums and it’s good to see. I’ve been praying for you and your girlfriend too. I really think you had bad advice there, but I’ll just pray for you and leave it in Gods hands.

For myself the only things I would not do to take out the sword, which is the same as healing the church or removing the thorns from our blessed Lords Sacred Heart, is anything evil or go to hell. That’s it.

What about all the other internet crusaders here. What do you say?

God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

I have followed this devotion. Making a confession every first Saturday made me stay aware of all I was doing and thinking. Partly because I wanted to make a good confession and partly because I did not want to offend her even more while I made the devotion. While making the devotion, I felt something come over me like a softness around me. It was ethereal. And I honestly believe that I was prevented from making some major mistakes in my life in those five months. There is so much temptation in the secular world, and I am so easily distracted. I did wear the brown scapular that my mom had blessed and have to admit that I felt like I was special and was wearing a medal that I won. I think it’s a powerful devotion, plus, I’ve read that when the Virgin Mary takes her prayers and petitions to God, that he really listens. Almost as if He cannot resist her coming to him with those prayers and petitions. Those are my words. That’s how I interpreted what I read. And on top of reciting the Rosary, I also prayed The Little Office of Mary.

Although I wear the brown scapular and pray the Rosary almost daily, I have not yet made the 5 first Saturdays. I’m wondering if the Saturday late afternnoon Masses, which are really Sunday’s liturgy, count for making the first Saturdays. I think it’s the idea of Communion rather than the Mass per se that Our Lady requests. Where I live, I haven’t found a Church that has a Saturday morning Mass. Also, family members attend the Sunday Mass, so it’s harder to get to Church on Saturday, unless I just go myself both days. If there is a ruling about a particular Mass for the Blessed Mother for first Saturday, I’d appreciate the information. Thank you.

The First 5 Saturdays Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary starts in September and coincides with the The First 9 Fridays Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in January. But the church I attend does not give mass on Fridays. I hope this helps.

I thought it could be any first Saturdays, not dependent upon starting in September. I don’t think there is a ruling on this. If so, I’d like to know about it.

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