Do you name your Guardian Angel?


Nope. Just “Angel.” Anything else would be (just in my own opinion) a little presumptuous.



There was another thread on this same subject. On that thread, at that time, I posted that I didn’t know my guardian angel’s name or what I would be allowed to call him.

Well, now I’m happy to introduce you all to my guardian angel (who is reading this post over my shoulder) - his name is Moses!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


How did you discover this?


Mine is just “Angel”, or “O Angel of God…”

Fr Anthony Mary, MFVA once said (on EWTN) that we do not have the right to name our guardian angels, as this trivialises them and makes it seem as though they are under our authority, like pets (which, of course, they aren’t).

Surely we can’t so confine them - and our understanding of them - as to address them and concieve of them according to a name our own minds have thought up. We don’t want to think that our minds have a good grasp of who they are and what they are like, based on our own imagination.


That is an interesting perspective. I do not think of my Guardian Angel as a pet or servent. I actually think he is rather overworked and tired having to deal with me. Nor do I confine him like automaton. Unless I learn otherwise, I think as long we keep these things in mind, for many it is easier for some to conceive of our guardian angels with a name. For me it helps to focus my thinking.

Was the good father expressing an opinion or was he expressing some church teaching or canon law? I am very curious since I do not want to do anything improper.


I tried to think of a name for my guardian angel but I got the impression that he doesn’t want one nor does he need one. He is, simply, the angel who protects me, prays for me, corrects me (I ask often for this aid) and will, hopefully, present me to God at the judgment in a state of grace and with many gifts of love in my hands (because of his aid and Mary’s intercession) to offer Him. What more could I ask of him? A name seems superfluous. Although I can understand those who want a name for their guardian angel, mine didn’t seem to want one. :slight_smile:


I also saw in EWTN (Don’t know name of person actually) in one of their children’s programs encouraging children to give a name to their angel guardian. It was presented in such as way as to make your angel more “real” to you. The speaker said it was an old tradition of our religion. After I viewed this, I carefully and after much searching and discernment found a name I admire very much for my angel guardian - which is between him and me!

Anyway, my opinion is that if you choose wisely and with much reverence, realizing what a higher creature he is and use his name with great respect that is it ok. I understand God has already named all angels so any name we give is simply a nick-name to be used in this life. I hope to learn his God-given name in the next. I never think of my angel is a pet or a servant, but rather as an angel who is beside me always. I great a powerful being. The fruit of my giving him a nick-name is I feel closer to him, more aware of his constant presence. That’s my two cents!


[quote=RPConover]How did you discover this?

I prayed to Our Lord, explaining in my poor manner that I would like to be able to address my angel and that I knew that I probably could never pronouce his real name, but asked what name would be appropriate for me to use. I thought of a thousand names, purposely also looking at names on-line without any success. Then days later the name Moshe (pronounced = moy she) repeated itself in my mind. I looked it up and it’s a form of Moses.

I’ve always known my angel in human form would be a tall, dark complexioned, very strong, upright, male. I’ve been in situations in my life that I’ve narrowly escaped life threatening happenings. Moses has helped my numerous times.

I don’t know how the name Moses or Moshe relates to him - that doesn’t seem to be important to me. When we finally meet face to face, I guess I’ll understand :smiley: .

Moses is not a pet - I already have a dog to fill that spot - and he is certainly not a servant. He is my guardian, he directs me, awakens my consciencous when I’m misbehaving, points out things to me so as to open my heart to God. He protects me spiritually and physically. He prays with me and stands over me in contemplation. And most important of all, he is constantly in the presence of the Almighty God.


I believe he was expressing his personal opinion, as a few other brothers were saying what were the names of their angels.

I agree with him, and I feel more comfortable addressing my guardian as ‘Angel’/‘Holy Angel’ rather than by a nick-name.


I am guarded by the power of Christ.


My angels name is Daniel. And, no, I don’t think of him as a pet or servant. He’s a friend who I can count on to help me through dangerous situations in this world. I wanted to give him a name because I didn’t have any ‘connection’ with him and once he had a name, I could begin a relationship. It wasn’t just some abstract thing.


Of course, we all are. But are you suggesting that the protection of Christ and that of His angels are mutually exclusive? Christ doesn’t contend with His servants, my friend. :slight_smile:


i didnt give my guardian angel a name, it came to me. i knew her name and also the name of my hubby’s guardian angel. my guardian angels name is Anna, and hubby’s is Peter ( not the apostle )


I find it very intersting that all these angels have saints’ names ???


“Christ doesn’t contend with His servants, my friend.”

Nonsense. But then again, I don’t know what you mean. Are you saying Christ is not involved in our lives? If you are, we don’t practice the same kind of Christianity.


While I do not speak for him, I believe what he meant to say is that Our Lord does fight with His servants the over you. Nor does He usurp the authority He granted our guardian angels.

Those angels he does contend with are the fallen ones.

Also, from your original post, it is unclear whether you accept the doctrine Guardian Angels.


In this book I recently read, which can be purchased from the religious catalouge

Sr. Maria Antonia’s autobiography tells the story of a young girl in Brazil who saw and heard her Guardian Angel most of her life. Her Guardian Angel kept her from lying, stealing, seeking revenge and from watching certain movies. Most beautiful of all, her Guardian Angel taught her how to make sacrifices for Jesus and to practice acts of charity. Paperback. 244 pages.

Price: $9.00
Item # BK ANG 06472*/INDENT

This is an excellent book for all who wish to know thier angel guardian and the nature of angels better. The purpose of this post is towards the end of the book the author states the name of her angel. All her childhood she had simply called him her “New Friend” but her angel told her as she grew older his name is “Miguel” Never in the book did the author say anything negative about naming an angel.


Whoops! I made a major typo!


I agree that it is not a good idea to “name” our Guardian Angels. They have names, but it is not our right to give them one or to change them.

How woud you feel if he named you whatever he felt like or when he was hanging out with his angel buddies he called you some name he made up?

How would you feel if some body at work just made up a name for you and called you that with out your consent?


I agree, it sounds to me as if you’ve never been told that every person is given a Guardian Angel, I know with a little research you could find out all you need to know. I have absolutely no doubt that God has given me an Angel and count on him to guard and guide me. I’ve seen it!!! I’ve posted several of the stories on this forum.

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