Do you need prayer?


i would like to start praying for others but there are a ton of prayer requests on here…if you wouldlike me to pray for you or someone you know please post here or send me a message and i will be more than happy to pray for your need…god bless


Thank you! May God respond powerfully to your prayers!
New pray-ers are always welcome!
When you are ready and if you wish, you may later desire to become one of our prayer warriors.

God bless you,
Trishie :slight_smile:


You seemed a little overwhelmed by all the needs in Prayer Intentions…it can be overwhelming. Here’s a prayer that maybe can substitute for loads of specific prayers.

Ou God, for sake of souls, I commit myself and my entire life—past, present and future—to Your merciful love. I trust in Your love to accept this submission and to make it complete.

Have mercy upon everyone whom You wish to bless through me, and do not let my limitations or doubts curtail Your use of me as vehicle of blessing or vessel of honour.

My faults are fragile barriers to the flood of Your grace if I live Your will, and have faith in Your powerful love. Deepen my trust in Your will to use Your limitless power of love even in me.


Thank you Lovingarm.
Yes, if you can pray for me and with me.
I will start my novena on February 15 ( this Sunday)
for my trip to Medjugorje.(Feb 24-4)

May Our Lady shower you with Peace and Love

God Bless


:tiphat: :clapping:


I will begin praying the novena with you on the 15th :smiley: may God bless your travel and experience and keep you safe :smiley:


a prayer for all God dearest blessings !


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