Do you need to attend Mass twice on a Solemnity?


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This is my first post. I was wondering if you needed to attend Mass on a Selemondy. Today is the Selemnondy of Saints Peter and Paul. We are going to Mass this evening. So do I need to go tonight and tomorrow because it’s a Selemnondy?
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If you are going to the Vigil Mass this evening then you do not have to go tomorrow.

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You do not **need **to attend Mass on a solemnity if it isn’t a Holy Day of Obligation.

In the present case, the anticipated Mass on Saturday evening is a Sunday Mass so if you attend that there is no need to also attend on Sunday to fulfill the Sunday obligation. Where I live, the solemnity was celebrated earlier in the day on Saturday (and on Friday evening by way of the Vigil).


However, in England and Wales, the solemnity is transferred to tomorrow, i.e., Sunday.


It depends on where you live. In the United States, all Holy Days of Obligation are transferred to the closest Sunday.


This is not accurate information.


Ah. Okay. Where I live now, nothing is ever transferred and a Holy Day of Obligation falling on a Saturday or Monday means we are obliged to attend Mass two days in a row. So yes, it does depend upon where one lives. YMMV.

The fact does remain, however, that if a given solemnity is not an HDO there is no Mass obligation. From what I understand, the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul is an HDO in the UK but not in the US. Please correct if I am misinformed :blush:


I didn’t think so either—the last diocese I lived in in the US moved very few HDOs, if any (it’s been a while, and my memory isn’t what it used to be)—but I wasn’t sure and thought even if it was the case way back when it still might have changed since I left the country.


Thanks everyone. I’ve heard it said that if the Holy Day falls on a Saturday you need to go twice. I just wanted to make sure.
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