Do you Need to have Sex to be "Healthy"?

I was in a conversation with an atheist who said in defense of contraception that one essentially needs to have sex in order to be mentally healthy. He offered no evidence and when I asked he cited “various studies he’s read” and I don’t dismiss him because he can’t remember a specific study. My questions are:

What’s the best study that argues this? and what is the best study that offers the Catholic Church’s position on how sex basically isn’t like water or oxygen like the secular world thinks it is?

That sounds like total BS. I have never heard such nonsense. I could very well be wrong, but it seems to me that your friend is making excuses for perverted immoral behavior. If your friend has no citation, most likely he is making it up.

You may not want to dismiss him out of hand out of politeness but you certainly have the right to ask him to come back with citations of these so-called studies. He has made this statement and he has to back it up.

I had heard that sex is healthy for the body and the persona. I am in no way stating this to support infidelity, or to go out and being promiscuous. Always adhere to the teachings of the Church and being loyal to one another.

Having said that, there are benefits to having sex.

There may well be, but that is not an excuse to break chastity to get it.

And I never said that you should.

I’m no expert, and this isn’t going to satisfy an atheist, but here’s my take: I don’t think there’s a problem with accepting that, strictly speaking, there are physical benefits to having sex. His claim that is necessary for mental health, however, is not necessarily correct, and not only that, but intertwined quite intimately with mental health is one’s spiritual health. So claiming that sex has physical benefits, and even acknowledging certain psychological benefits, to the exclusion of the discussion of spiritual effects (i.e. ensuring that these cited physical and psychological benefits are being obtained in a morally acceptable context) is in a certain sense misleading, and in another sense, downright harmful. There’s the objective reality that someone who is misusing the the sexual act outside its objectively correct context is spiritual harming his soul, and therefore any perceived physical or psychological benefit is almost completely, if not just completely, meaningless. Being in a state of mortal sin is very damaging to someone, certainly spiritually but also in many cases psychologically, whether one recognizes it or not.

The physical and psychological benefits of sex cannot be adequately discussed unless one speaks of them occurring within a morally acceptable context.

Sex within the marriage state is normal an healthy and expected. Sex outside the marriage is answered in the Bible. Go to your Bible. Peace.

I don’t think you can address this as your concept of sex is out of whack.

I think it contained the word He said,that explains everything. In a tv documentary several years ago,the old fashioned defence of no contraception was the natural health of women.MMM yeah

No, there are many chaste happy and healthy singles, widows and widowers.
Additionally, nuns, monks and priests if they are truly called to that life, are often the happiest, healthiest people around.

BS = bad science.


Exactly. Nuns statistically live longer than their peers so the “need” for sex to be healthy is complete bunk. The funny thing is that prayer is shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure so if anything the atheist needs prayer much more than sex to be healthy, though I doubt they would agree. :wink:

Sounds like something teenage boys use to try to convince teenage girls


Beware of “scientists” who can obtain whatever data supports their agenda. Sex is a primitive, short-lasting pleasure that is never satisfied. Reach higher up to upper-levels of spirituality and you’ll never want sex again.

Sexuality is one of the ancillary attributes of human bodyhood. Only death negates it.

How do you view as “sexuality?” I experienced them both, and there’s no comparison, sex is a primitive (animalistic) pleasure. We are constantly being built by Christ to reach for something higher.

I’ve heard of studies that show a correlation between holding/practicing religious beliefs and happiness/lower stress/personal fulfillment.

So yeah, the OP’s atheist friend should really get religion! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

And no, I’m not going to cite any of the studies because I have better things to do with my time than that. :shrug:

I only believe in it within marriage, and between a man and a woman, as God meant for it to be. This sick society thinks sex is everything, and they will do anything and say anything to keep every mind focused on it. I think an unnatural obsession with it is rather unhealthy. And no, I don’t at all believe you need it to be healthy. That’s ridiculous.

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