Do you or have you prayed for president trump?

Do you or have you prayed for president trump?

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YES I have SINCE before he was elected that he would be elected and I’ve even had Masses said for him since then and all those in govt. He needs our prayers and I ask the Holy Spirit to guide him to do what is best for our country.

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Yes. Because we are told to pray for our enemies :slight_smile:
Seriously though, I cannot stand the man, but I do pray for him regularly.


In the Byzantine Church we pray for our president, our government, and those in the service of our country at nearly every liturgy.


Yes. I did the 54 day novena for him earlier this year that Fr. Heilman organized. Also the special rosary for him in November, also organized by Fr. Heilman. I will occasionally say a rosary, chaplet or other prayer for him on my own and one of the church rosary groups I go to always prays for the President.

I would note though that I don’t just pray for Trump when I pray. I pray for the United States, President Trump and family, his entire administration, the whole Congress, the Supreme Court and federal judiciary, the Clintons, and Bernie Sanders. I feel it is important to include everyone in my prayers.

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Yes, I prayed for him to get elected and now I pray that he serves this country well. There have been a good number of Masses offered at my parish for him as well. The first time it was announced that the Mass was going to be for Trump, everyone was surprised and started talking in the church which is not common for Latin Mass people haha.

Yes. We often pray for all world leaders at Masses during the prayer intentions.
I also pray for anyone who is constantly attacked in the press. Regardless of the party affiliation.
It’s become a blood sport in the U.S., and it’s getting worse all the time.


YES I do so daily and so should all Christians

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I’m curious why do you ask?

Yes, I have prayed for Pres Trump just like I have prayed for all our presidents.

The President of the United States, regardless of party needs our prayers, just like the Pope and our Bishops and priests need our prayers


Here come the haters!

Seriously, I prayed for Obama and I’ll pray for President Trump.


Of course :slight_smile: Every country’s leader needs prayers.

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