Do you own Holy Water

If so how do you use yours? I only have the empty bottle but if I had some I would sprinkle it on my bed before I go to bed.

We keep it in the house all the time. We have a font by the front door to bless ourselves as we go out. We use it when someone doesn’t feel well (usually we don’t drink it, although I know people who do.)

When the kids were younger I did sprinkle it on their beds if they weren’t sleeping well, weren’t feeling well, or had a nightmare.

Yes i do i have a bottle in my house and one in my car. I don’t use it often just when I feel I need it but it’s a comfort to know it’s there. I once had a regular bottle of water filled with holy water and my aunt drank it all by mistake lol!

I have a font for Holy Water at the inside of my front door for the purpose of blessing ourselves. In addition to that I keep a little bottle in the glove box of my car because one never knows…

Yup, I own a large stock of holy water and blessed salt in my room. Use it on the sidewalks at the abortion clinic.

I’m thinking of getting some. :

I don’t know if one can “own” a sacramental. :wink: Most parishes I have been to have a little holy water “fill up” station. I always have some around, but don’t use it as often as I should.

Yes. I use before/after prayer, before I go to bed, before I leave my home, or whenever. I used it while praying over every room and wall and closet of my apartment when I moved in (sprinkling it while praying prayers of deliverance). Lots of uses for holy water.

If you discard holy water then just make sure that you do so on good clean ground where nice things grow and people/pets don’t traffic.

Each night I bless my wife’s bed - four corners - and also use it to make the sign of the cross on her forehead.


I have a font by the front door and plan on getting one for each of the bedrooms. I bless myself when I’m coming & going, then again just before bed when I also use it to make a cross above each door.

I have a large bottle of it currently. I used to occasionally bless my apartment, and my lil’ cats.

I drink it.

Of course you do, you easterner :slight_smile:

James, the love you show your wife is very touching. God Bless!

I have a bottle of Holy Water. I use it to bless myself. Like others, I should use it more often.

I only have a few drops left and Theophany is under 3 months away :eek:

I drink it and use it to bless my children. My 8 year old uses it to bless anything she can manage.

I have a bottle - last time I used it I put it around my daughters crib! :smiley:

You are giving me ideas. :slight_smile:

Holy Water is a wonderful sacramental :slight_smile:

I have some near our door, that we may sign ourselves when we leave or enter the house.

While we lay faithful have no power to “bless” (we may only invoke God’s blessing), holy water (hopefully blessed with the traditional rite) does deliver us from evil, thus it is a good practice to sprinkle some before going to sleep, or to sprinkle it over any place on which we’d like to invoke God’s blessing.

I do not think it’s advisable to drink Holy Water (unless we actually asked the priest to bless it for this purpose): I am not sure if the container in which it was kept (before we got it) is meant to contain potable water :stuck_out_tongue:


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