Do you plan summer, or just let it roll along?


So now it's summer. Sigh.

Do you plan summer activities for your family? Do you sign the kids up for camp, classes, VBS, volunteer opportunities, etc? Do you organize family vacations or day trips, family reunions, picnics, star-gazing, farm visits, neighborhood garage sale, lemonade stand, big garden, etc? Do you set goals?

Or do you let the season just happen without planning anything? Is your only goal to kick back and let the good times roll? Do you turn R and R into a fine art during the summer months?

Or are you somewhere in between?

Please share your summertime "philosophies" and give all of us some ideas for making this a great summer.


I try to plan it, but it ends up rolling along. :shrug:


I’m not a parent (yet), but I hope that when I have a family I can just let summer roll along. I’m really not a big fan of how structured kid’s activities have become and how we need to sign them up for camps, leagues, and groups to fill their time. I remember when I was a kid my summers were spent just playing out in the yard with the neighborhood boys and just doing whatever came into our imaginations.

I’m not even that old and I’m starting to talk about “the good 'ole days.” God help me.


when I was working and raising kids I had every week planned by end of March, CYO camp, scout camp, day camp, Y camp, sports camp, swim camp, science camp etc. so I had child care for every week lined up. Moreover the plan was made with the other families in the same boat so we shared transport, in-between care etc.


It rolls along here. I like to be open as much as I can. Though some things I gotta plan like going into town and what not. Out in the country things are much laid back. Think I am going to do some shooting today, not sure. That’s the beauty of country summer living.

God bless.


In-between organized and laid back...

I work full time, so summers are challenging, but we're SO VERY BLESSED to have the grandparents in the area... they kids go back and forth between the grandmas every other day...
Other than that they fill in their time with activities... VBS (aka Catholic Youth Camp), school basketball league, swimming lessons, zoo camp, etc...
We also try to take a nice family vacation normally, but this year we're taking it easy because DH will be recovering from surgery for several weeks, so we're doing local stay-cation activities - which isn't too bad since we're in Orlando (Disney, NASA, beach, etc)...


My summer is usually booked up almost entirely by March-April. And that includes a lot of weekdays too. I’ll usually have a 3-4 weekend trips planned or at least the dates blocked off, 1-2 vacations set up, and then other obligations such as sports leagues, volunteering, etc mixed in between. All in all, I probably have about 2 days a week free in the summer which is about 2 more than the rest of the year. I generally try to leave one weekend or two open so I can plan last minute things or relax.

As a kid growing up my summer was also planned out pretty well with camps, school stuff, vacation, etc.

If I am not doing something productive/fun I feel like I am wasting my time or at least not utilizing it to the fullest.


Oh dear, I feel like such a slacker. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never had anything planned months in advance :blush: Most days I don’t know what we’re going to do tomorrow.

The kids have certain “summer chores” they have to have done every morning…but other than that its a go with the flow kind of life around here.

I guess this year is somewhat better than usual, I did manage to get it together enough to sign the girls up for sand volleyball, and so far have actually gotten them to almost every game. Good thing there are no practices.

The school year around here is crazy, and we usually have an exchange student or two. DH and I both work. Summers are a time for relaxing, and spending time with our kids. I love just hanging out on the deck, talking to my kids. No homework stress, or huge project due. No having to coordinate drop off and pick up’s for all the kids. No worrying about looking two weeks ahead with the schedule, so we don’t end up having to be two places at once. Time to just look at the flowers, talk about life, and learn about each other.


Some summers I plan, some we just float. This year it’s a combo. We had vbs and a family vacation (where we just fished and vegged) and latter next month the girls have an acting camp. The oldest boy helps his dad at work throughout the summer. We also have various Church cantoring dates. Other than that, we are relaxing. The school year is so crammed full of stuff that I need the break and so do the kids.


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