Do You Pray For President Trump POLL

  • Yes. Each day.
  • Yes. Once or twice a week.
  • No.
  • No. I do pray for the Pope, however.

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I pray he makes decisions for the good of the country and not for his own self interests, and that he is moral and just, and that if these prayers are not answered that he is removed from office.

I suppose I could shorten the prayer to just the last line, when pressed for time.


I expect I’ll lose any merits for imparting this but I pray for all world leaders daily, that they will personally be led to seek salvation and then lead their nations to do the same.

I also pray for our Pope and the Holy Catholic Church daily.


That’s exactly what you should do Lee. I pray for all those in authority that they will be fair and just (even though I don’t agree with many of them)


I’ve prayed for world leaders but it’s not part of my daily routine. I suppose it ought to be.


It’s not part of my daily routine and it should be … however, yesterday morning, at Mass, during the General Intercessions, I offered a prayer for him and Congress to come to a just resolution to the government shutdown.

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It hit me today - that the Bible does say
in 1st Timothy - Chapter 2 - to pray for those in authority :innocent:

And Romans chapter 13 - is pretty good :us:


I do pray for Pope Francis. I also call upon like 10 different Popes to pray for me daily haha. Such a wonderful gift to have many Saintly Popes as of recent

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Not in particular no. But i did when i saw this thread.


Yes, but not nearly as often as I should. :frowning:

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You need an option for people who pray for President Trump AND Pope Francis as well. They aren’t mutually exclusive, right?


I pray for Trump and the country almost daily. I pray for the Pope daily because I have a habit of doing that right after Holy Communion.

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No this POLL is really for the leader of the United States. ( not Vatican City )
I know there’s a LOT of individuals harboring hate towards the President - as if he was the enemy.
It’s very nice for me to see - that people - on this site - are praying for him !


No, but I’m not American so I probably dont count, lol. We do however, pray for all leaders in the world at mass on a regular basis so I guess that would include him though he doesnt stand out any more than out own poor leader. I don’t pray specifically for her either, just generally for all leaders… though perhaps I should do.


I pray that God removes Trump and Pence from office.


Of course I pray for the president. We don’t just pray for people we like, as if our prayers are some sort of reward for good behavior.


I pray that our nation sees through his bravado and self interest. We are better than that and we need not empower it further.

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I don’t pray for President Trump, but I’m not American. I don’t pray for the Prime Minister of the UK (where I live) either, perhaps I should.


Every day, even though it seems that the Church and her leaders need more prayers than anyone else these days.


Yes, and in the intercessory prayers after we recite the profession of faith at Mass, we often prayer for our leaders in the government that they will do the right and Godly thing.

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