Do you pray in a Protestant Mass?

Hello, I have to go to an Protestant funeral. It’s my first Protestant funeral. How do you participate the mass?

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There is NO protestant Mass it is a service. It will be Bible readings, a eulogy of the deceased, some singing and words and thoughts about the person. You just go and see and pray for the deceased person’s soul in your own way.

DO NOT genuflect before you sit down in the pew in the protestant church because Jesus is NOT present there in the Tabernacle. We Catholics genuflect because Our Lord is in every Catholic Church and we do this as a sign of Adoration to Him.


Would you say with them the “Pater noster” or other prayers?

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Protestants may pray the Lord’s Prayer, but not in Latin. Sure, you can join in a sincere prayer to God anywhere.


Yes, some do.

I find this most interesting. As a non-Catholic I have always stood etc when in a Catholic service whenever the rest of the people did. I felt this was the respectful thing to do and never dreamt that any Catholic watching might interpret it to mean that I was in agreement with all things. Whatever is wrong with participating in one another’s worship of God??

Recently I was in a Catholic funeral where I noticed a group of non-Catholics who were seated together did not stand at the appropriate times and stayed seated. I must admit I felt uncomfortable with that as it apeared to me to be disrespectful and had the look of an act of defiance.


Not really, if you think you’re in the truth, then you should be comfortable with what your doing.
Also Christ showed us the way He wanted to be worshiped. We must obey Him. There can be only one proper way, not many.

It’s a funeral, it’s time to pay respects to the dead and support the family. This is not a time to get legalistic. Go to Mass once a week as required. Praying extra with a bunch of other people who are hopefully practicing Christians in their own way, is not a sin nor will it kill you. You know who you are and I doubt one Protestant service will change that.

As an aside, communion can be performed at Lutheran funerals and probably Episcopalian also.


Depending on the church you go to, some Protestants are against praying prayers that are recited, such as the Our Father. Just a warning. Also, Protestants do not pray for the dead usually, so pray in your own way.


Which doesn’t make sense because Jesus told us to pray like that. :roll_eyes:

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The people at my church say “that was just a guideline to teach us how to pray, not a prayer we are supposed to say. Recited prayers are not real prayers.” Something about prayers having to be in our own words to be sincere.


I think it would be extremely rude to not say the Lord’s Prayer (the Our Father) with them…but remember ours is shorter, minus the doxology. As a former Protestant, whether or not that is said at the funeral will most likely depend on the denomination.

My Catholic dad went to many a Protestant funeral and was most polite and appropriate. Likewise at the multiple Catholic funerals we attended we stood and sat when it was appropriate.

You are at a funeral. It is about the dead and the family. It’s not a time to make a religious statement.

I have never heard of a Protestant who was against the Lord’s Prayer, and have prayed it aloud with three different denominations, including Baptist…

…until now. Holy smokes.



Maybe it was just mine then. I’m not sure.

That is unreal. Which Baptist conference?

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I don’t know. Any prayer Jesus says should be okay. Just because it is written out doesn’t mean it can’t be my prayer.

Take this prayer, “Jesus, I love you.” Oops. That can be repetitive. That’s not in my own words. Literally every Christian should say this. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I totally agree.

We have a plaque with the Lord’s Prayer on it hanging in our sanctuary. It’s not that my church is necessarily against it, per se, but more that my church doesn’t agree with praying it because it’s recited prayer.

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I agree with you. :slight_smile: I think it’s a crazy stance, that prayer cannot be recited.


@Brittany - Good grief. That is…I have to say it…the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

My grandmother’s preacher was wrong in many ways, but I never heard anything like that. My siblings and I were talking about that the other day and they actually said it was him that drove them away from religion for many years.

Not to railroad the thread…sorry, OP.

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So do you believe that Mass is the only way God wants us to worship Him? Don’t you ever pray outside of Mass?

Of course I pray outside of Mass. I just said that, by means of what external worship/public worship we should do.

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