Do you pray more to our Blessed Virgin Mary than our King Jesus? POLL

Do you pray more to our Blessed Virgin Mary than our King Jesus?

Personally as a recent convert back to Catholicism, I pray some to our blessed Mary, versus 95% to mostly Jesus. Jesus is just all in my soul, and I can’t get enough of Jesus. I pray constantly to be filled more and more with His Holy Spirit.

  • I pray more to our Blessed Virgin Mary
  • I pray more to our King Jesus Christ

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God first: Father, Son, Holy Spirit-----Mother Mary------intercession of all the Holy Saints------Protection of all Holy Angels


I pray to Jesus, to the Father, to the Holy Spirit. I pray to Mary, to my guardian angel, to St. Michael the Archangel, to a variety of saints, and also ask others on earth to pray for me. On occasion I like to read through the first Eucharistic prayer, which is essentially a prayer directed to the Father, through his Son and invoking the Holy Spirit as well as the intercession of the saints. It is a beautiful prayer. I like to pray the rosary while lying in bed.


How about both consecration to Jesus through Mary.

Mary offers up our prayers to Jesus perfectly like a queen offering a poor peasants apple to the king on a gold platter.

St Louis De Montfort spirituality is a bit heavyweight but it’s worth it in the long run.


I like how you said that. I like to consider it as going to Jesus through Mary. I think a good way to think of it is to say that Mary goes to Jesus instead of us going to Him. Mary has a special standing with God that makes her petitions more effective than our own.


I’ll pray to Mary when my prayers to Jesus aren’t too fruitful. Maybe she can convince our King on my behalf a little better! :slight_smile:


So you never pray to Jesus directly?

I do but I do so through Mary.

In all honestly, I think I pray to The Father the most. When I pray to Mary, its usually prayers like the Hail Hary.

But when I pray to God, it often free conversation, Liturgy of the hours, etc.

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Plus she adds her own prayers for us with ours before she brings them to God.


The idea is when you make the consecration to Jesus through Mary everytime you pray our Lady intercedes and offers up our prayers in a more pleasing way to Christ.

So you can pray directly to God of course but you benefit from the promise of the consecration to have those prayers offered up in a more perfect way by the Holy Theotokos.

This is great to know when your run down or stressed out maybe even a bit angry.

To the OP you can read True Devotion Preparation To Total Consecration To Jesus for free on the internet but it is very heavy handed in hyperdulia.

I suggest for someone who has come back to read 33 Days To Morning Glory and it’s sequel 33 Days To Divine Mercy.

The first is a modern take on the Demontfort consecration to Jesus through Mary and the latter is St Therese of Lisieux consecration to the Divine Mercy of Jesus.


Yes, I did the total consecration (de Montfort) this year, for the first time.


I think if you can start letting go of the Evangelical / Pentecostal ideas (and terms) and devote yourself to learning Catholic theology and prayer it will help your progress in Catholicism, Victor. :smiley:


I actually found Pentecostalism in the Catholic Church in our Charismatic Renewal movement. I pray God lets me start a movement at my parish when he’s ready. My deacon told me they had a group years back, but they all moved on.

My primary prayer constantly is “fill me Holy Spirit with more and more of your presence!” There is nothing more greater on heaven or earth than experiencing the real, living presence of Christ’s Holy Spirit. You’ll never know until you experience Him.

Oh, reason I love Catholicism is because we’re the only ones that highly honor Mary above all. She’s the most blessed sweetness of all creation.


When I take something to prayer, if whatever I am praying about it is really bothering me, I will most likely ask a friend or My fiance to pray for me. That is the same thing I do with the saints and Mother Mary. But I do not ask someone to pray for me about something and not pray to God about it too. That is just my line of reasoning. Although I do occasionally say a generic “Mother Mary, please pray for me” sometimes. I work in construction, there have been a lot of times where I will say “St Joseph, you were a carpenter. You know how hard construction can be. Pray for me please” but 99% of the time I do not ask for assistance of a saint at all. I just pray to God.

I am a Catholic convert and most likely have “mother issues” having had a not so good relationship with my mother growing up a lot of the time (although it is not like that anymore) so sometimes I wonder if that is one of the reasons why I kind of struggle with Mary’s role sometimes. Although I accept it completely and love her. If that even makes sense… I am just a damaged human being trying my best.

Books like the Glories of Mary and True Devotion to Mary give a good outlook on devotion to Mary. The Glories of Mary is surprisingly scriptural.

There’s nothing wrong with having a favorite, short, personal prayer. Mine is the Jesus Prayer. But the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary (at the very least) are foundational to Catholicism. It’s also vital to know the theology of the Creeds and the Liturgy (which is "“scripted” for vital and sublimely theological reasons).

I can see why you’re drawn to the Charismatic Movement, with your Pentecostal background. But it’s important not to overemphasize one Person of the Holy Trinity–all are invoked in every prayer and in every thing they do. For example, the Our Father is not addressed only to the Father, to the exclusion of the Second and Third Persons of the Trinity.

Also, best not to assume that just because someone isn’t a Charismatic they don’t experience the working of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit works in many ways (and always in concert with the Father and the Son). All Charismatic Catholics are Catholics, first and foremost, and must understand basic, Catechism level theology and learn Catholic prayers and worship. It’s not optional; it is our obligation.


That said, you might look into praying the Divine (Daily) Office? It’s a beautiful practice, and perhaps not so ‘challenging’ to a convert as the Rosary. :smiley:


There isn’t a box for “I pray to them both at the same time and equally.”
Also, I’m not sitting there with a score sheet putting down hash marks. It’s not a contest between Mary and Jesus.
I cannot imagine even thinking like this to be honest. A prayer to Mary is necessarily going to her Son. To Jesus through Mary. It’s an inseparable concept.

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