Do you pray much ? How much time do you spend in prayer each day ? some thoughts on prayer and a Poll to do


My dear friends

Please do the poll if you would. Given this is the spirituality forum and the most important thing in our spiritual life is prayer, whether we pray the mass and sacraments or any prayer it seems an appropriate topic. I know someone who talks so much. It bugs me to be honest. I don’t mind talking a little but some people can talk a hundred miles an hour 16 hrs / day. I don’t mind a bit of talking here and there but I much prefer to talk with God in various ways most of the time, and minimal talk with men. Communication with God can take so many forms and is so easy to do I’m wondering why so many of us find it hard to spend time talking to God when we find it so easy to talk to friends, family etc for hours on end. Or we can watch TV for 6 hrs straight but find it near impossible to spend that time in prayer. I see prayer as a virtue one must acquire through hard work and repetition. It’s not a natural quality we have now. St Paul said we should pray without ceasing 24/7. What are your thoughts on all this and how much do you pray? Do you want to follow St Pauls advice, or do you? And do the poll please.

God bless you dear friends:thumbsup::slight_smile:



I had to say less than two hours because I know I am a poor and inconstant servant. My day gets filled up with “noise” and responsibilities and I neglect God.
I deal with my Dear Wife who has ALZ and so tht is my excuse.

I Do try to say thank you to God whenever I can and wherever I happen to be as often during the day as it occurs to me. I also try to dedicate my Love and Care of my wife to God - So perhaps that is prayer too.



votes and sees results

Aww great… I’m probably the first one who said they didn’t pray much. -_-;;
Well since I’m obliged to state my reasons… well what can I say? I’m really just another victim of what the 21st century calls “every day living”. People say it’s no excuse well something tells me they’ve never had felt serious pressure from any aspect of their life outside religious obligations.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to break free from all of this and have more time to contemplate with God over what I’ve been living my life for. Sadly, with school, work, and my family’s current uncertain financial situation, I’m lucky just to be able to say a quick prayer at the end of these long days…


How do we pray 24/7? do we just keep company with God and make Him a part of everything we do?


Good question dear friend. I’ll answer that later today my time. It’s 5-30 am and bed time for me. I noticed that we either struggle with an hour or 2 of prayer or with a little knowledge and effort we can turn it into 24/7. I’ll expain this , and respond to many later.

Good night dear friend;)

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:



Great poll, well done.

Origen (185 - 232 AD) wrote in , “On Prayer,” 12.2 (ed Koetschu (1899);1.324.25-325.3);
"He prays ‘without ceasing’ who unites prayer to the necessary deeds and fitting actions to prayer, since virtuous deeds or fulfilling the commandments are included as a part of prayer; for we can only accept the command to ‘pray without ceasing’ as meaning something possible if we mean that the saint’s whole life taken together is one great prayer."
Above quote from “Saint John Cassian on Prayer,” translated by A.M. Casiday

John Cassian (360-435 AD) wrote in “The First Conference of Abbot Isaac on Prayer, Chapter VI”:
"And in reality these things which seem trivial and of no consequence, and which we see to be permitted indifferently by those who belong to our calling, none the less by their character affect the soul than those more important things, which according to their condition usually intoxicate the senses of worldly people and which do not allow a monk to lay aside earthly impurities and aspire to God, on whom his attention should ever be fixed; for in his case even a slight separation from that highest good must be regarded as present death and most dangerous destruction.

And when the soul has been established in such a peaceful condition, and has been freed from the meshes of all carnal desires, and the purpose of the heart has been steadily fixed on that which is the only highest good, he will then fulfil this Apostolic precept: “Pray without ceasing;” and: “in every place lifting up holy hands without wrath and disputing:” for when by this purity (if we can say so) the thoughts of the soul are engrossed, and are re-fashioned out of their earthly condition to bear a spiritual and angelic likeness, whatever it receives, whatever it takes in hand, whatever it does, the prayer will be perfectly pure and sincere."
Cassian’s ideas helped shape St. Benedict’s view of the monastic life. St. Benedict (480 -543 AD) is often called the father of Western monasticism. St. Benedict wrote the Rule of St. Benedict.

[size=2]Seeking God and praying without ceasing are sometimes seen as key elements of the monastic life.


Ah, this one hits so close to home. This is probably one of my greatest failings in life. I truly do love Our Lord, but I waste so much time, time I could be giving to him, time that would strengthen my relationship with him so I would have more love to give to others.

I definitely spend less than 2 hours a day. But I often watch TV more than 2 hours a day. I often spend that much time or more on the computer.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.



I picked 2-4 hrs. I typically spend about 3 hrs. everyday in “formalized prayer.” Rosary, LO of the IC, etc. but all day long I talk to God, my Guardian Angel, etc. I’m not sure if that is praying 24-7, sometimes they’re pretty casual conversations. It ranges from spontaneous prayers to “G.A., I really need your help here.”:shrug:


I work in the healthcare field and I pray each time I give care to someone. It has become automatic over the years.

I work with my husband in his dental practice and I was asked how I develop x-rays by a man who was testing the equipment…I hesitated for a monment and said…one Our Father’s, two Hail Mary’s, and a Glory Be. He looked at me and said…“seems right to me!”…and walked out laughing!!!


I spend one hour in the morning, I’m too tired to pray at night, I absolutely
can’t pray while I do anything at all. I am interested in the instructions on how to
pray 24/7…


Just thought I’d post some of my thoughts on prayer.

I think the idea that one isn’t praying just because they don’t have a rosary in their hand, and are on bended knee, is a very dangerous thing to think. (Not that I see that attitude anywhere here) I think that prayer is an attitude. For example, I rarely grab the rosary and hit the prayer closet. Instead, I play christian music in my car, and reflect on the beauty of God as I drive to work. Or, I remember to think of God always and in everything. More like God is a friend with me constantly. I try to think of him as with me always, and I make little comments throughout the day.

Now, this isn’t to downplay the traditional down-and-dirty praying! I see those as the no-nonsense, it’s time to bust some butt prayer! It’s what you do when you are petitioning, praying for the conversion of loved ones, battling temptation. Etc. Basically, pray throughout the day to feed and build a relationship with Christ, hit the prayer closet with the rosary to be a prayer warrior, fighting valliantly against to break down barriors, and fight evil with the most powerful weapon anyone could ever have, solid prayer backed by a strong relationship with Almighty God!!! :smiley:


Some thoughts on how to pray 24/7

My dear friends

It’s not that hard if you are already spending an hour or two in prayer each day. There are many things we can do to pray without ceasing as St Paul told us. The easiest is to always do Gods will. Gods will is that we love Him, all men, ourselves and all of creation. Love is the perfect fulfillment of the law. So if our motivation to love as God commands is motivated by our desire to always do Gods will and we do all things well and only those thingsthat are pleasing to God we are praying always. It’s Gods will that we be human and do all the things humans must do like work, rest, play, sleep, visit friends, wash and clean, gardening, minding kids and absolutely everything a normal human must do is Gods will if it is not sin.

Another great way to help do this is keeping the - presene of God. Just be aware your in Gods presence always and behave appropriately and your praying. Keeping the prsence of God.

The usual forms of prayer such as Holy Mass and the sacraments, contemplation, meditation, rosary, way of the cross, divine mercy chaplet, morning offering, angelus, examination of conscience, gospel and spiritual reading, apostolate and penance- are superior forms of prayer to the above and should not be neglected. There are numerous other things we can do such as praying to the guardian angels throughout the day, especially as we come into contact with others. Pray aspirations to help us keep the presence of God. Have triggers to say an aspiration such as when the ph rings or you open a door. Keep holy pics around to remind you to keep the presence of God. You may be able to talk to our Lord or our Lady, angels or saints throughout the day. You may mediate on something here and there if your able. The idea is to become a contemplative in the middle of the world with this system. We should plan out how to include much of this in our day and fill in the gaps with the easier forms above - the prayers of doing Gods will and keeping the presence of God. If we already do a fair bit of praying we can easily turn it into praying 24/7 all the time with very little extra effort. We just have to make an effort to do all for God and for love of God , and keep Gods presence. The main change needed is in our head - our intention, and to refocus our mind so we are always intending to do Gods will and are always aware we’re in His presence and behave like we are.

If we don’t pray much it’s best to do the harder forms of prayer first and build up the virtue of prayer and as we say in our morning offering - offer up everything in the day. All becomes prayer this way. Gradually try to transform everything into prayer. It’s a state of mind.

Hope this helps some who want to know.

May God and our Blessed Mother teach us to pray ceaselessly:thumbsup::slight_smile:



I answered the last choice: I don’t pray much and perhaps not every day. Please post your reasons for discussion too.

It’s quite simple: prayer to the Judaeo-Christian god is a waste of time. Life is too short to waste on a practice that one has no reason to think will accomplish anything. It’s folly to talk into the air. :slight_smile:


This is what I aspire to do.
Since I took the poll…
I have four favorite ways of doing it.

My favorite way to do this is to stay in Church after Liturgy and just be there in the Peace and Quiet that lingures after the celebration of Divine Liturgy and talk to God there.
Another is to go for a long walk and just run everything by God that happens to be on my mind.
I also love to put on some music like Libera, Von Trapp Children, Gregorian Chants, Classical like Vivaldi or Handel and sometimes even some secular music while I am cleaning the house or playing with the children and just think about how this music helps me just relate everything in my life to God.
And last but not least just good old fashion on my knees at my bedside praying.
Of course I do not do this 24/7 put like you said it really is a state of mind.


I voted for the last two because I haven’t been spending much time in prayer lately and I know I need to. I don’t know what is going on with me, but I definitley have noticed small changes in my life since I have stopped praying as much. And these aren’t good changes. Please keep me in your prayers as I struggle with this.


I answered that I try and pray 24/7.

I have had specific prayer answered in my life, and I’ve had confirmation of answered prayer from God even when all current circumstances seemed against it coming to fruition and all my closest friends calling me a fool for believing so. The actual physical manifestation of the prayer came months later but right on time. :wink:

I have found that through devotion to the Rosary and The Little Office of the BVM that my awareness of God and the Blessed Virgin encompasses my day and I try to be faithful to remain in constant communion with them although I must confess that I don’t always do so.


I will and please keep me in yours too.


My dearest friend

I suspect you are even more intelligent than you know. It is a waste of time to pray to air. This is simply brillant. I must inform the pope immediately. Fortunately I pray to God and not air.
You need to humble yourself and accept the obvious wthout worrying what other men think. Of course there’s a God. You’d have to be insane or full of fear to deny it. If you have a relatioship wth God you’ll be tuly happy. The deeper the relationship the happier you’ll be.

On my Angels www on the link in my signature there’s a page called - inherit eternal life. It has the proofs for Gods existence. Have a look and remember no matter how intelligent we think we are, we aren’t- we’re stupid.

God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:



I know exactly what that feels like. It does hurt too, when you think you were a fool
for nothing. Well, there are things you have to do yourself. You want something,
God does His part, but you have to do your part. You do have a part…


My dear friend

Yes. It’s just a state of mind. We communicate in many ways but if we change our state of mind we can turn al this communication into communication with God - prayer. We don’t have to live in a monastery to do this either- although this is a sublime calling if we’re called.

God bless you dea friend


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