Do you pray regularly with your spouse?

As I’m sure many of you believe, it is incredibly important to pray with your spouse and/or family. Being a single person who has not been in many relationships since my conversion I’d like to find out how many of my forum-mates pray with their spouse? How often? And what prayers?

I am mainly looking for input from those who are married, but those who are in committed relationships (or have been in committed relationships) are also welcome to leave feedback. Thanks for any and all input!

Joshua C.

Yes we do!! We like to pray the 5 finger prayer (something I found online). Or just an abridged Rosary, or just a conversaton with God. I Absolutely LOVE praying with my husband. Maybe this is weird, but it usually puts us at such a good place when we pray together before bed that things happen afterwards. Lol.

Not weird. It is my understanding that physical embrace between spouses acts as a form of renewing your marital vows.

The family that prays together, stays together. I love it!

We say prayers together as a family, and attend Mass together, but I don’t pray very often with just my husband. I’d like to more, but not sure how to go about it. But even the family prayers with our kids and making sure we go to Mass and other parish functions as a family has brought us closer together and improved our marriage significantly.

My wife and I have been married for 45 years. We attend Mass daily and pray the Rosary together daily. Sadly, it hasn’t always been this way but after a very intense religious experience in Lourdes, FR, this is now our way of life.

No. Spouse is not a believer.

I put yes, but actually my wife and I rarely pray together with no one else present. But we do often pray together with our children, so I counted that as yes for the poll.

My husband is now in Heaven, but yes, we did pray together often. Having God as the center of our marriage made our union so much stronger. We were happier and more content in our marriage than we saw in other couples. I believe it was because we let God run it. We were so much in love when we got married, and so very much in love when my husband died. Keeping God as the caretaker in the marriage kept it alive and healthy. Pray, and God will always listen, and He will always answer. Praying together makes it double what it would have been if we had prayed alone.

This is almost exactly our situation. We are very consistent with saying grace with the kids before dinner, going to mass on Sunday, and so on with the kids. We don’t often sit and pray together as a couple though. If something in particular comes up, we do. He lost his wallet on a business trip the other day and I emailed him the words to a prayer petition to St Anthony and we each prayed very hard :wink: and he found the wallet in the bushes later that day!

We do not. Mainly because my husband is not religious.

But even if he *were *religious I can’t say we would pray together outside of Sunday Mass either. Neither of us grew up with regular family prayer outside of Sunday mass/service. So it would have to be something we’d agree to commit to.

We don’t pray aloud together, just the two of us…but we sit next to each other at Mass each week, and make a holy hour at the Adoration Chapel together each week…I consider that “praying together.”

Yes we do

i just became catholic in february, after 36 years of marriage, and we began praying together before bed for about 5 minutes each night just recently. it’s wonderful, and i wish we had done it sooner! my fault, not hers.

My husband and I regularly pray together - we pray the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, and the Devotion to the Drops of Blood Shed on the Way to Calvary. (When our oldest nephew was born, my husband started the 3 year novena b/c nephew was ill – nephew is 11 years old now. He still prays it daily, I pray it with him often.)

We attend Mass and Eucharistic Adoration together, say Grace at every meal, pray spontaneously, etc. etc.

We don’t pray together. We usually do it privately when we think about it rather than trying to coordinate a prayer time.

Yes. We also exercise together, after all, the family that sweats together, sticks together. :slight_smile:

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