Do you pray the Angelus?

Traditionally, the Angelus is prayed at 6am, noon and 6pm, although it is common just to pray it at noon.

Fisheaters has a rather good article on this prayer-

I pray the Angelus at noon and 6 pm. I also pray it in the morning, but usually not at 6 am. I still have trouble getting up that early.

I’m glad you posted that, Caesar. I have to admit, that I don’t often think about it. Thanks for giving me a good kick. :wink: :thumbsup:

I lived in Ireland for a year, and they had something called the “Six One” news on in the evening at 6:01 (on their main TV station at the time). Just prior to that, at 6:00 exactly, the screen would simply show some graphic (I don’t recall if it was religious), but I believe there were bells on the audio portion.

I’m thinking back now on how great that is. Unfortunately, when I was living in Ireland I hadn’t yet reverted, so I never made use of the time. :frowning:

Shamefully, I didn’t even set foot into a church for religious purposes the entire time I was there.

These days, if I’m lucky enough to go to daily mass, I can pray it in a group at noon. And then the other times if I remember and if it’s appropriate.

Hi I live in Ireland, thats right at 6:00pm on RTE One a bell sounds for one minute whilst showing people stoping what their doing for a moment and reflecting-sometimes making the sign of the cross, the news starts at 06:01. Suppose this is a memory of when Ireland was a truly Catholic country-Government and laws and all.
God Bless

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I usually wake up just before 6 AM and always pray the Angelus then. However, I don’t keep track of time well otherwise, so only pray it sporadically for noon and 6PM. Maybe if I wore a watch, I could set the alarm for those times…:o

I do the Angelus three times a day. Once before breakfast, once before lunch, and once before supper. Then I say grace.

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I say the Angelus 3 times a day but not always at exactly 6am, noon and 6pm. I’m a teacher and at noon I’m quite often in class. I grew up in Ireland listening to the cathedral bells chime for the Angelus and also TV and radio. Also all classes stopped for 1 minute at noon to say the Angelus so I guess it is a habbit I’ve developed over the years.


I’ve recently started train myself to do this. I haven’t nailed down doing it on the exat time yet but I’m working on i. :slight_smile:

Yes, twice a day - 1 at noon before Mass, and another before bedtime.

We pray it at noon every day just before Mass at my parish. (I am a daily Mass attender, as much as possible.) :slight_smile:

Good for you! God bless.

Nope. I know of it, but prefer The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary for Morning, Evening, and Night in their place.

I would just like to add that we do the Angelus on Sunday, right after the rosary, before our noon Traditional Latin Mass.

Not previously, because I didn’t understand how it worked. I don’t know why - most likely because I had first read about it as a new Catholic, back when I didn’t understand how entire prayers were indicated by their first two words. Your post inspired me to look once again. Thank you.

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