Do you prefer glasses or contacts?

I would prefer contacts (worn for 40 years), but my now have problems with dry eyes and so don’t wear them as much. I really like contacts over glasses - they don’t get steamed up, don’t get rain on them.

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Contacts for me. Have worn them for 35 years. Started with gas permeable lenses but changed to monthly toric lenses about 15 years ago due to taking up sport.

Overall the gas permeable lenses gave me better vision but were very easy to dislodge and sometimes would fall out if I touched my face and happened to blink at the same time. I don’t know why but they seemed to have the ability to jump great distances as on the occasions I managed to find them they were nowhere where I lost them. Don’t have that problem with the torics and have never had any eye problems wearing contacts.

I don’t think they make contacts just for reading :slight_smile:. Actually, I would wear glasses anyway. You can get blue light blocking filters on the lenses, and you should have that if you use the computer or any digital device a lot. I don’t think they make that for contacts. Why not try out different styles of glasses and see which might suit you? You might find a shape that does.

Fellow glasses wearers, do you keep your old glasses, donate them, or throw them away? Here are a few of my old pairs I found around my place :roll_eyes:. My prescription hasn’t changed much in the last 20-30 years, so they would still sort of work for me if my current pair broke.

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I keep them. I have my first pair from when I was 10 in a blue case in my dresser. Only once did I throw a pair out as they unsalvageable. I’d stepped on them and they were FLATTENED.


I keep mine, also. Different styles and colors for different outfits and occasions. Also, they’re back-ups in case I lose my current ones or something happens to them. The only drawback is that my prescription keeps changing, and with some of the previous pairs, my vision isn’t quite as clear through them.

I also have several pairs of prescription sunglasses, one particularly cool pair that I like to wear often.

Yep, when it comes to glasses, shoes and purses, I’m a bit of a fashion bug – MY fashion, MY tastes. We’re still all individuals, aren’t we?


They go somewhere to wait to get donated.

And then I forget where they went . . .

I tend to not go back in until my prescription doesn’t cut it any more.

I’m overdue, but waiting until this ChiCom virus calms down enough to feel safe sitting that close to someone who spends his day with his face that close to people . . . I’ve dealt with fuzziness this long; a few more weeks won’t kill me (and a few less might!).

sometimes, I even manage to salvage parts from an older pair to fix a current pair . . .

I do want to find someplace else to order from, though–I’ve been using a supplier for price, but am doing as much as I can to shift away from anything from the PRC . . .

I had GREAT eyesight until I got to my late 40’s early 50’s then it all went downhill. But that could be because I now have glaucoma. We were so concerned with hubby’s severe unmonitored glaucoma for years that when I had his doctor check me and our sons (it is very hereditary) she was shocked and I was shocked as well to find out I had a pretty good case of glaucoma myself. Having had my pressures checked by another dr. for a few years and NEVER having any concerns it was a bit scary to hear that I not only had it but it was a pretty intense case of it. One son has possible beginnings of it but not the other son so far. We are now UNWAVERING about our daily drops and checkups. You can’t get back the vision you’ve lost with glaucoma but with treatment you can help it not to progress further or too quickly.


I keep the most recent pair in case I break the new ones—and donate any older ones to the Lions.

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I always get two new pair. I’ve never gone back to old ones.

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After trying a couple brands of Glaucoma drops that either didn’t work or irritated my eyes too much, I finally have a brand that keeps my pressures down and is actually rather soothing in my eyes. I have a really good Opthalmologist who checks my eyes regularly, including my retinas, which so far have remained intact. My sacks tore away awhile back, which is pretty common in older people, and sometimes the retina tears when that happens. So, we’ve been vigilant.

None of the above. They just somehow seem to get lost. Then again, sometimes they suddenly turn up, years later, in unexpected places.


That’s probably a good idea. But my last pair was enough sticker shock that I hung on to the old ones.

My very old pairs were donated long ago. My more recent pairs get new lenses when my Rx changes enough or become scratched in a critical vision area. So, I currently have four pairs all in great shape and one pair of Rx sunglasses. Unless styles change dramatically, I’m good.:yum:

I get mine at Costco. Saved quite a bit off from what I would have paid at my eye doc’s office.

I’m on my second kind of drops as well. The first ones weren’t working well. these sometimes burn like crazy but it’s a small price to pay.

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