Do you Prefer the EF or OF of the Mass?


Honest question here.
Do you prefer the Latin Extraordinary form of the mass or the vernacular Ordinary form? Why? What is the specific reason for either?

Also, is there Latin Ordinary Form?

Please no arguments, just personal opinion


Ordinary Form because all the Masses nearby are OF. If that was the case with EF I would go to it instead. (Not exactly a trad but I do a few parts of the Rosary and Divine Mercy in Latin)


EF is not as available as it should be, but I would attend it if I could.

OF was ORIGINALLY intended to be in Latin. And it’s absolutely beautiful when it is.


NEVER went to an EF Mass. I’ve seen them online, Tv, other places and the EF Masses do seem very beautiful. I go to the NO form of the Mass because that is all that is available to us here. The closest EF Mass is an hour away.


Honestly, I prefer the EF because of its moments of silence, ad orientem worship, and more prayers at the foot of the altar. That being said, the OF is just as valid and licit as the EF, and it can be just as beautiful if celebrated properly. The OF can be celebrated in Latin and ad orientem, it just isn’t done very often.


It would be like asking me who do I prefer: God the Father or His Son Jesus.

My answer: both are awesome. I truly enjoy both versions of the Mass.


I prefer the EF. I like how the women dress modestly and I like how the priest is not telling jokes at the homily which has occurred in my parish.
It feels more reverent for my kind of worship. Only went once and I felt like I was in Heaven. Shame it’s too far to go again.


Yes there is and I have been to several.

I prefer the OF, in Latin or at least with Latin Propers and Ordinary (+Greek), as is the case at the abbey I’m attached to.

But that has nothing to do with the form of the Mass.

That also has nothing to do with the form of the Mass except for the prayers at the foot of the altar. In fact this morning I was at an OF Mass by the Abbot in his private chapel. It was ad orientem, and there was much silent time, just as there is at the abbey’s conventual Mass in the church.


No strong preference. However, slight edge to OF as it is more interactive/ participatory.

I would prefer Latin OF, but not readily available.

Now, if the Altar Rail was back…


No preference whatsoever. Jesus is equally present either way.


Oh ok. The two Masses are so different I thought the dress and homily were part of the “form”. I obviously don’t know as much as you but it was nice to think about the memory of when I was fortunate enough to go.


I think it’s beautiful that we all have our differences. I’m such a solitary kind of person if I could go to a Mass where I don’t understand a word anyone is saying and i don’t have to sing or talk or greet anyone and just wait to receive the Lord while all the lovely preparations and chants are done (with incense in the air) I’m in Heaven.:blush:


I’ll take the one that’s in English please…


I think the EF also has more emphasis on the sacrifice aspect of the Mass, and the humility of the celebrant. Also, the laity have more time to contemplate while the altar servers utter most of the responses.


Humility of the celebrant?
What is that supposed to mean?
Priests who say the OF aren’t humble?


I meant that the prayers of the celebrant actually emphasize his own unworthiness. By no means do I mean to say that OF priests aren’t humble.


I prefer OF. I’ve been to EFs, and I appreciate them, but I wouldn’t want that to be my normal. I’ve been to several OFs in Latin; those are an excellent “happy compromise”.

Note: The EF and OF are both “Latin Mass” independent of the language used because they belong to the Latin Church, so it’s better to say “OF in Latin” instead of “Latin OF”.


EF. Communion at the altar rail; ad orientem feels more God-centric because we all face the same direction, with the priest offering prayers on our behalf; prayers at the foot of the altar, the prayers themselves do a better job emphasizing our unworthiness before a God and the need for His mercy; the entire Mass is meditative, and of course the Latin.

Other things are not specific to EF in theory, but in practice hard to find in OF churches, at least around here. They are part of the package with the EF: emphasis on frequent confession, modest dress in church, Gregorian chant, lots of silence, and excellent homilies that actually teach you stuff and challenge you to stretch further.


If you ever get a chance, try the Easter vigil in EF. It’s the solemn Mass, magnified. While you are at it, go to the Good Friday liturgy too. It’s worth driving an hour for.


Does not matter unless the entire Mass is in English or the local vernacular. I hear all of you saying, “Anathema” to the lack of Latin.

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