Do you prefer to pray 5 decades or 20 decades of the Rosary?


Do you prefer to pray 5 decades or 20 decades of the Rosary?

Also, if you listen to a video (like Mother Angelica), do you pause it and meditate on each mystery?


Daily? I pray 5. The most I’ve ever prayed in a day is 10. I meditate while I pray.


I don’t care for the rosary personally


I do five. I’d probably stop meditating long before I got to twenty if I tried.


Personally, I prefer praying the seven heptades in the Servite Rosary (seven groups of seven).

If I were to regularly pray what most meant by “the” Rosary it’d likely be 15 decades with 5 decades each during the morning, noon, and evening. Why 15 and not 20? Not because I reject St John Paul II’s additions, but rather to keep the tradition of 15 decades representing the 150 psalms. it’s why the full Rosary was once referred to as “Our Lady’s Psalter”.


That’s why I’m considering praying the joyful mysteries on Thursdays! That and I prefer them to the luminous.


I’m actually pretty bad at remembering which mysteries are part of the joyful versus luminous and glorious mysteries so I basically have the 5 sorrowful mysteries and my 5 “other” mysteries grab bag that might change depending on what I’m thinking at the moment (“is the transfiguration or the ascension next???”).

I actually tend to stumble on 4th and 5th Joyful mysteries because they are tied so closely to the 1st and 3rd Sorrows in the Servite Rosary (the presentation/prophecy of Simeon and finding Jesus in the Temple/Loss of Jesus in the Temple). I sometime have 3 Joyful Mysteries followed by 2 Sorrows of Mary.

Like I say, you don’t want me leading a public Rosary since people will think I’m just making things up as I go. :open_mouth:


I try to do all 20 mysteries daily. I started it just over a week ago, and I have allowed my laziness to get in the way a few times (today is one of those days… only did 5/20, yikes!). I don’t watch a video but I do read Scripture related to each mystery before I begin that decade. One thing that really helps me meditate on the mysteries while still focusing on the Hail Mary prayer is to add a clause after “and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” For example, during the first joyful mystery, the Hail Mary will go like this:

“Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus, the holy Son of God whom the archangel Gabriel told you you’d bare. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.” I generally do not use the same clause through the whole decade, but I’ll add different clauses for each Hail Mary, so that way I get to meditate on multiple aspects of that mystery throughout the decade.

Of course, I split up the 20 mysteries throughout the day. I usually pray the joyful in the morning, the luminous around noon, the sorrowful around 4 PM and the glorious before I head to bed. Not only does this make my goal of praying all 20 mysteries daily a lot more plausible, it’s also a great way to keep the whole day prayerful!


Given that I work and have a lot of busy responsibility stuff going on, it’s difficult for me to do more than 5 decades a day. I will occasionally say the 15 or the 20 decades rosary. When praying with a video I will sometimes pause it to meditate but often try to meditate as I pray. It is a learned art and I’m not great at it yet but practice makes perfect.


May I ask, when did you start praying all 20 decades daily?


I pray the 15 Decades of the Rosary ideally over a week but sometimes in a day especially like on a Friday where you’re supposed to offer up some sort of penitential act

I don’t eat meat on Fridays except of course on feast days and sometimes offer up all 15 Decades of the Rosary as penance in addition to abstinence.

I don’t really have an issue with the Luminous Mysteries but it is easier to remember which days represent which decades in a week.

Also like others I do tend to stick to tradition.


I prefer the 15 decades


I try to pray 20 decades every day.


How long would it take to say 20 decades ?

I’d rather read - out loud -one of the Gospels - each day -
(which takes two hours or so.)


5 x 20-25 minutes = 100 - 125 minutes.


If I was unemployed - or retired - yes - but twice a month.

I do believe in the power of the rosary - and Mary’s intercession - without question !


I pray five decades daily when I take my morning walk, and I pray the mysteries as recommended by Pope St. John Paul II. On longer walks, I might pray an additional five decades, and on days before I go to confession I usually pray the sorrowful mysteries regardless of what day it is. When JPII promulgated the luminous mysteries, I got this visual aid to help me memorize them.


Praying the whole rosary, along with meditative commentary between decades, the “O My Jesus” Fatima prayer, “Hail Holy Queen” and ending prayers takes me around 35-40 minutes to do.

If I had time to say 20 decades in the manner of which I do them, I would likely just shave my head and join a monastery.


I started it two Fridays ago.


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