Do you put every little decisions in Gods hand?


As a fact that everyday we are living in a world which require us to making decision.Therefore it becomes very common to having confusion in what is right and wrong…we always say we believe in God,we trusted him…but our doings are always not the same…when it comes to certain circumstances…we will choose our own way…has anyone notice that every small little things in life happens for a reason and we really…really…need to talk to God with our heart…Driving…eating…playing…choosing…everything…do you praise the LORD?or only when u have something to ask?

GOD Bless


I think you may be talking about recollection - always being mindful of God’s presence and praying always.

There is a good little book on this topic (about 23 pages) called The Practice of the Presence of God. I found this book hard to read straight through at first, so I took it one paragraph at a time, meditating on one short lesson before going to the next paragraph. It has been very helpful in teaching me the concept of praying without ceasing.


Hi Sylvia :wave: Welcome to CAF! This is a very good question. I’d be happy to share my own experience with trust in God.

Over the past 5 years, Our Merciful and Patient Lord Jesus… has labored with me, to teach me that total trust in Him… is a treasure beyond our understanding. Through His Grace and Mercy, I have made strides… although, I’m still very much… a work in progress.

I think that’s kind of how it is, with everyone. We are all “works in progress”.

My own experience, is that Our Lord has taught me to lean on Him… in everything… through being abandoned (literally) by most of my family. We were “talked into” moving 2,000 miles from our home in California… to the east coast. There were some major difficulties, tragedies within my family… which ended in my relatives leaving us here alone, and returning to California. I was left alone, with our elderly mother… who suffers from Alzheimers.

At first… I was angry. But over time, this “abandonment” led to our return to the Church; and to immense graces from Our Good Lord, Jesus. I must also mention here… the favors which we received, through the intercession of Our Lady.

I now consider myself to be extremely blessed in all of this. He is showing me… that trust in Him (even in the little decisions)… is not only a good thing… but a necessary thing.

I hope that this helps, in some way. God bless.


Hi beckycmarie and marieveronica,

Thank you for sharing:)
To Beckycmarie: Thank you for letting me to know a book that would helps a lot in practising my recollection
To Marieveronica: Good to hearing your true story and inspiring more people to lean on God. God has been really looking after me and family…i once lost myself too…but finally…God’s mercy leads me back to his arm…now im learning to always listen to his wisdom and may i act the same as the wisdom that GOD’s desires me to…
Take for example of a realy case of God’s miracle on my Dad few years back then when i was still in university…one day…my dad suddenly fell down to the floor-fainted…he never get sick…my mom were so scare and try every effort to take him to nearest hospital…after several scanning and checking…it was terrifying to hear that my dad actually had internal bleeding and thats the main reason that he got fainted…his blood pressure is too low…he do not have enough blood in his body anymore…
By that time…i was still outstation in another place…i got so scare …worry…all the process of being so confuse of why all this happenings to me…
a surgery is need to operate dad in order to cover the bleeding part as doctor propose…and we must be fast…on that operation day…a sister in church came with "holy communion"and give a prayer to my dad…in the morning…then in the afternoon…the operation should be started…my dad insist the doctor to scanned for him again if he was still bleeding…MIRACLE happens…not even a little tiny little blood was found…it was all clean…even the doctor have no clue of what happen…because in the morning before holiy communion…it was still full of blood…nothing can be seen…after holy communion…everything is cure…we even have a video of all this happenings…
all we can say is—God is there…we just need to trust him…PRAISE the lord…Alleluia


Every decision in God’s hands?


He is my motivation. I pray to wonder out loud without looking crazy; I pray to think out loud, hoping that God is hearing my thoughts. Sometimes, I do get revelations to act on a certain something; whether it’s God or not, I’m doing it if I think it’s logical or sane enough. :wink:

And of course, I praise Him for whatever happens. Things usually work out. :smiley: I hope God and I can keep this up, but of course, something’s gotta give.

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood


There is no need to remember to pray about every actual decision…especially the smaller ones. The general intention suffices to be about God’s Will always and knowing that we need always Wisdom and insight - God’s Help - in organizing and structuring our lives…and the more heartfelt, ardent and sincere our general intention, the more often The Lord will bring His Presence to our mind and especially before both major and minor decisions,and the more ardently and sincerely we will ask for His Help with gratefulness and trust.
But it is the most excellent of habits to recall the Presence of The Lord frequently during the day. Practise of the Presence of God = Awesome book! (The Practice of the Presence of mentioned by Beckymarie).


God knows your every thought; you don’t have to pray out loud for Him to hear you. :wink:


God gives each of us enough freedom to live our daily lives. He does not micromanage us though He cares about every detail of our lives. We don’t have to ask God which clothes to wear and what grocery to buy. However, we should ask God about things concern us and listen to His answers. Do things according to God’s teaching and your own informed conscience but do involve God in your daily life and build an ever closer relationship with Him.


Learning&reading…How about relationship with partner?do you lean on God?:slight_smile:


Work as if everything depended on work and pray as if everything depended on prayer.:thumbsup:


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