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Do you read the Old Testament?


Do you read the Old Testament devotedly, regularly, and see relevance in it?


I don’t read it regularly, but I listen to it every day…at daily mass.

I so loved during Advent hearing all the references in the OT about God actually “rending the heavens” and coming down Himself to visit fallen humanity to teach them, patch them up spiritually, and give them real hope!!

Well, to be simpler, for God to come down and redeem us Himself and at great cost.

Christ is on every page of the Old Testament.


Not regularly, but the NT is kind of flat if you don’t understand all the references to the OT found in it.


Yes I do. Excellent to point towards the New Testament. One example I use is the spiritual warfare example. It is extremely instructive to compare and contrast the relevent sections of Wisdom 5 with that of Ephesians 6. In particular, note the difference in the weapons of offense. Note also this example highlights the value of the OT Deuterocanonical books.


Yes, I do. Just yesterday I was reading the Song of Solomon. I like to read the book of Psalms especially. Every chapter of Psalms has wisdom in it.


When I reverted, I read the Old Testament first. I’m trying to read it again, but each book is so long (and there’s so many more of them) that I’ll complete the New Testament again (maybe a few times!) before I complete my next read-through.

I’m especially attached to the Old Testament. Just about every “Bible moment” I remember from Sunday school is from the OT, and I was extremely joyful when I began reading the entire stories for the first time. Aside from my feelings about it, yes, I do see “relevance”. Aside from the wisdom contained in those pages, I think you need to have a good grasp on these books in order to fully appreciate what the New Testament offers.


i listen to the old testament when it is (often) part of the 1st reading at sunday mass


Yes. The Old Testament really speaks to me about the relationship of God with His people.


I used to, when I prayed the Breviary.

Yes, there is great relevance in reading and praying from the Old Testament. Jesus Christ is hidden in the Old and revealed in the New.


Yes, I read the OT daily.

3/4 of the Bible is OT, and ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.

One cannot understand Christ and the Apostles if they are ignorant of the OT.


My sentiments exactly! :grinning: The Lessons in the OT can be VERY relevant to one’s life today. Plus, as has been said, it illuminates the NT.


If you go to mass every day for three years, you will only hear about 13.5 percent of the Old Testament, and about 71.5 percent of the New. See the statistics at…

So it is worth reading the Bible in full.


Oh yes. The Books of the Law (especially Leviticus and Deuteronomy), the Wisdom Books (especially Sirach and the Psalter), the Prophets (especially Isaiah, Jeremiah and Micah). It is so instructive on how to understand Jesus as the Incarnate Word in the fullness of faith.

I highly recommend a solid Catholic study Bible like the Didache Bible in the RSV translation for an incredibly deep and comprehensive understanding of the whole of Scripture. Also the books “Jesus And The Jewish Roots Of The Eucharist” by Brant Pitre, “Tradition And The Church” by Msgr. George Agius, and “Upon This Rock” by Steve Ray. All those books show the fulfillment of the Old Testament and Hebrew tradition in the Sacraments, the structure of the Church, the Papacy, Apostolic Succession, etc.

Happy reading :slight_smile:


I do. The history of salvation is a continuum of human life. Just like an individual person.

I view the history of all mankind like the history of a human with an infancy a childhood., young adult, and so on. I kinda think that when Jesus came the People of God and Jesus when His ministry began were about the same age.
Anyway I do and I really like Genesis.


I do. I pray the Divine Office every day and the Psalms are a big part of it. I would suggest starting with some of the Psalms, some of the most beautiful of all scripture! Pick some you like and read them, find out more about them and soak them in. They are beautiful.


Yes, It is important to read the Old Testament. For example, in the sapiental books, as Proverbs, Eclessiastes, Ecclesiasticus I found very wise teachings.


Yes, every day as it is part of my reading plan. I try to read 3 chapters from the Old Testament, a Psalm, and a chapter or two from the New Testament every day. This gets me through the whole Bible at least once a year, and the New Testament a few times.

I thoroughly enjoy the OT. It reads well, and is very story like. Particularly the books before the prophets. I actually favor it over the NT in many ways.


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