Do you remember last sundays homily?


OK here is a quiz, you have 1 minute to answer.
What was last Sundays Gospel?
What was last Sundays homily?
What was the last episode of you favorite TV show about?

I really try to listen, but it seems by the end of the week, I can’t remember to well.
I remember trying to connect the Old Testament and the Gospel,
I remember that the homily was a continuation from the previous Sundays on the right to life issue, and not so much based on that days readings, but I can’t remember the fine details.


Marriage/divorce, after 1st reading from Genesis on creation of woman
4 different cases on CSI


Neither since I was on vacation and was not able to find a Mass due to travel (cruise) schedule.

Saying that, I do not usually remember them.



Mark 10, the teaching on Marriage, and the blessing of the little children.

What was last Sundays homily?

Father N. told a funny story about a man who was looking for the expiry date on his marriage certificate - couldn’t find it, of course. Then, made an analogy about salad dressing - man and woman have to mix like oil and vinegar - sometimes it’s hard to get them to stay mixed so you have to shake things up quite frequently, but something wonderful and new happens when they do mix in the right way.

He also spoke at length about the difficulty and necessity of commitment and fidelity in marriage, often making reference to the reading from Genesis about the creation of Woman.

What was the last episode of you favorite TV show about?

CSI:NY - It was about a guy who was referencing Greek mythology in all these murders he was doing - he was angry because he thought his brother had been wrongly accused and mistakenly convicted of a crime.

Memory tips: connect it to something that is real to you. (Ask: How does this apply to my own life? If this story were about me, which person in the story is me? What would it feel like to be that person?)

Repeat the lesson/story to someone else shortly after hearing it.

Use visual imagery, either in your imagination when retelling the story/lesson to yourself, or actually make a drawing about it.


Oh yeah, I remember the readings now.
I guess I have slacked off and haven’t been pre-reading the Sunday readings. All you people that use the Magnificat probably don’t have trouble remembering.

I do like this web site which has the readings and these sections

  • praying toward Sunday
  • Spirituality for Sunday
  • Get to know the readings.

I need to start using this site again or start reading my wifes Magnificat.


A always remember -

Gospel was the “No Divorce” scripture :slight_smile:

Homily was Theology of the Body 101 :thumbsup:

Favorite show - The Journey Home but I missed it Monday because the Youth Group leaders meeting ran late over at St. Michaels…


Hmm… what do i Remember the most about the Mass I went to on Sunday?

Possibly the Consecration and the Holy Sacrifice moreso than the Homily and readings.


(Lutheran church)
Gospel - Marriage/Divorce and the little children.
Sermon - Children and dependence/independence.
1st reading - Genesis (creation of woman)
2nd reading - “Confess unto one another…” I think. No wait, that was Oct. 1st. I forget Oct. 8th.

Wanna know something interesting? This week, my mom had to be a witness in a divorce trial of a former neighbor - and that’s after this week’s gospel reading.

EDIT: Nice thread - I’d like to see this type of thread every week.


I was sick last week, so I don’t remember last Sunday’s homily. But, we’re really fortunate, our priest usually gives homilies that stick with me through the week.


I usually try to forget…many of the homilies are very innappropriate. I don’t want to call them heretical…but some are very close to denying teachings of the Church, while others are very political (very leftist…parishes in our diocese are showing that Al Gore movie…)in nature.

And before someone suggests a TLM Mass…the only one within 500 miles is an SSPX. I’m not that desperate…yet.


Do you remember last sundays homily?

The homilist was excellent in such a way that I had to remember the Gospel reading. :thumbsup: God bless him.

  1. Marriage, letting children come to Jesus
  2. The sanctity of marriage, what a shame it is that so many people are seeing marriage only for romance and not for the procreation of children (awesome homily!)
  3. “Project Runway”- Laura’s wigging out because she thinks Jeffrey had help sewing his runway collection; Uli’s designs are more of the same, Michael’s are a hot mess


Our pastor was truly inspired last Sunday. He outdid himself. He always does nice homilies, but this one took the cake. I’d post his name in honor of it, but that isn’t fair. Instead, I will post:

I love you Holy Spirit. Fill your priests with wisdom!


Homily on Saturday at my home parish where I cantored: A thorough instruction on marriage - very orthodox.

At the Episcopal parish where I sing professionally: When Jesus said no divorce, it was in the context of a theological discussion, not a discussion of pastoral practice. Of course, in the real world, divorce and remarriage are just fine with him. (UGH)

At the Cathedral where I went to Mass after singing: Three ways a married couple can live together - one dominant & one submissive, at each other’s throats, or lovingly as Christ intended. And that great anecdote about two leaders at war with each other and the losing one persuaded the winning one to let the women go with as many of their valuables as they could carry. The women were seen leaving the city with their husbands on their backs.

Dancing With the Stars: Jerry Springer got to stay another week and will participate in the group disco dance next week!


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