Do you sometimes feel you are the only one you know who tries to put Jesus first?


I feel that way a LOT…

for example… I like to spend a lot of time with Jesus @ the Blessed Sacrament… I get “attacked” for it one way or the other…

I try to do what i can for the unborn… ditto…

I try to do what the Church instructs… ditto…

Maybe i need to be in another community… because i just feel incredibly ALONE… most of the time, very misunderstood… and like people probably see me as a freak…

Just wondering if anyone else feels this kind of … not loneliness because i am not lonely… but alone-ness.


I admire for what you do, please keep continuing with your devotion.

When you put Jesus first, don’t be bothered by others. I understand it is hard sometimes not to think about it when you know for sure people think of you in different way; however, if you get bothered by it, whether it is true or not that people think of you in a way that you don’t like and you want to leave the community, you might put these people including yourself first … and not Jesus.


thanks for that… :slight_smile:

however, if you get bothered by it, whether it is true or not that people think of you in a way that you don’t like and you want to leave the community, you might put these people including yourself first … and not Jesus.

hmm… Assuming i understand this :smiley:

I have had the thought often that i should just ignore this or that person… and their hostility… persecution… (so it seems)… and focus on Jesus… but i am a human being and i also have an emotional disorder - that i have suffered virtually all my life (though wasn’t diagnosed until relatively recently, and which got much worse when i experienced a terrible trauma some yrs ago…)… so sometimes i have felt that the best thing to do was remove myself… and to tell the truth, i did feel closer to God (more at peace ) when i did that… Those kinds of things can be a dsitraction and if they cause deprssion (which i tried to fight but wasn’t too good at fighting), i feel it is best to get away… Jesus said that “if your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and cast it from you…” Some people i was dealing with were actually making it easier for me to commit certain “small” sins… and you know how small sins go… they lead to… well, not necessarily to big ones… but to big … (in my case) “clutter” in my head, clutter that shoves Jesus aside (as it were)… Anyway… i am dealing with all this… and I love spending time with Jesus @ the Real Presence… that helps more than anything. He shows me things… beyond words to say…

Anyway… thanks so much… :slight_smile:


Quite often!


I definitely feel that, which is weird seeing as I am at a Catholic university.

I feel strange when I pray before and after meals, and ashamedly, sometimes hope my friends won’t see me doing it, for fear of what they will say.

People thought I was crazy when I went down to the abortion clinic to pray this past weekend, for 40 Days for Life. People asked, “Are you seriously doing that?”

But I’m getting used to it, slowly.

I’m trying to join the Knights of Columbus, and I think that’ll help out a bit, since those people are also rather serious about the faith.

Can you find anyone else who is as serious as you are about it?

Otherwise, I think you will be able to overcome it through prayer.


“I came not to bring peace, but a sword.”

The more faithfully you follow Christ, the ‘weirder’ the world will think you are, unfortunately.


That is difficult for you. I couldn’t imagine how difficult it is. Since you go to Eucharistic Adoration, bring this up to Him. If it is His will, He will heal you.


FWIW, a friend who’s taught RCIA for a long while has said something about what moved people to seek joining the church that really surprised me. It wasn’t that the person had had an intellectual conversation with a Catholic or that he had met an exemplary Catholic, but rather that he had seen a Catholic practicing his faith. So, just be Catholic. You don’t how many people Jesus is touching through you.



Sometimes I feel like it’s purely an act of grace that I think about Jesus any at all during the day.


i do try to overcome through prayer… Most of the time it dosn’t bother me but recently i met someone i thought was so Catholic… only to find out the person really wasnt… not like i am anyway…

The experience… and the disappointment coming from this experience made me feel all over again… how wonderful it would be if i really could find someone who believes - and more importantly practices (100%) as i do…


considering the Catholics i know (have known)… doesn’t surprise me a bit that you are going through this…

Its scary how Catholicism is dying out in this country… or being… subjugated, i should say…

not many Catholic schools… no Catholic orphanages (the state has taken over :eek: )… and even Catholic seminaries are infiltrated by Masons and other non-believers…

But Satan rules the world… Even Jesus didn’t argue with that…

The only encouragement is to realize that the devil doesn’t (can’t) do any more than God (or we???) let him… (i think of the book of Job)…


I couldn’t understand, myself, how difficult this was for me… I asked myself, “Why can’t you [self] get over [this/that]?” but it is funny you say what you say because tht is exactly waht i did… i gave the whole thing to Him while in the Real Presence… Really gave it to him with all my heart… and you know… He did heal me…

I suppose in some ways i wasn’t totally “healed”… but i was healed enough to feel the difference… and whatever was not made “perfect”… well, God uses that kind of thing… If he doesn’t heal, it isfor a reason… In any case, i am satisfied with what the Lord did for me… :slight_smile:
thanks for the encouragemnet…


It seems like being a Christian itself is a cross itself to carry.
John 15:18**
“If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first.”

What’s wonderful is that this seems to have no effect on your faith.

Obviously, offer this up as another cross to carry and definitely pray that God uses it to strengthen your faith and in hopes that your perseverance will plant a seed of faith in those who are “against” you and witness your perseverance in faith.

BTW…I am hoping to send a reply to your last pm. Please forgive my tardiness.


i totally understand this…

I don’t think about him in a big way… but i guess he is always there, somewhere, in the back of my mnind and heart… because i don’t sin as much as i used to… before i was close to him…

I still kind of forget to offer up a prayer when things don’t go smoothly… but when i do… to Mary or St. Jude or whomever “up there”… it is SO powerful… makes me wonder why it was ever hard… and why i don’t do it more oftne…


SEEMs like??? Huh? What??

:whacky: :hypno:

What’s wonderful is that this seems to have no effect on your faith.

actually, in some ways, it strengthens my faith to go through waht i went through with the aforemnetioned person who wasn’t very Catholic… or Christian or whatever… because it makes me realize how much i tend to put my trust in humans even still… :frowning: I thoght i had learned my lesson but apparently not… :rolleyes:

in hopes that your perseverance will plant a seed of faith in those who are “against” you and witness your perseverance in faith.

Yeah, right… I think that is waht they hate about me… I am more into Jesus than they are… I guess that’s one reason we will be “hated by all”… jealousy… Just a guess… but anyway…

BTW…I am hoping to send a reply to your last pm. Please forgive my tardiness.

Promises, promises… :rolleyes:


take your time… :)**


I see your trials and experience as a nearly exact fulfillment of Jesus’ own “life story.” He got attacked for doing good, he got crowned with thorns in mockery for “speaking of the kingdom,” he got abandoned by his own closest friends when there was danger, and he got betrayed by one of his *most intimate *“friends” TO THE POINT OF A DEATH SENTENCE. (AND on the cross, his own Father “abandoned” him- as that was so that THE FATHER AND SON COULD BOTH SHOW HOW MUCH LOVE THEY HAVE FOR US.)

I say these things because human nature does not change: the conditions of life are now “exactly the same” as they were 2000 years ago, and people will continue to mock, to opt for “the mentality of the crowd” rather than speak up for truth and principle, and so on. The scribes and pharisees were his enemies, the enthusiastic masses on Palm Sunday became the mob on Friday morning. IT IS A SPECIAL GRACE TO ENDURE EMBARRASSMENT AND RIDICULE WHEN YOU ARE BEHAVING AS ONE OF GOD’S CHILDREN. GO FOR IT.

I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT THAT SUFFERING YOUR ALONE-NESS AND ORDEALS ARE IMMENSELY PLEASING TO GOD, TO OUR LORD; AND I WOULD SAY TO YOU THAT SOONER OR LATER YOU WILL ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE AN EXTRAORDINARY INTIMACY WITH HIM BECAUSE OF THE UNIQUENESS OF THIS KIND OF LOVE. "Rejoice when men abuse you, slander you, …*…because your reward is very great in heaven [the rest of his words were of the highest possible praise and recognition!] “People who put you to death will think they are performing a service to God!”

So FAR from being shy about your “uniqueness,” WEAR IT LIKE A BADGE OF HONOR. SHAME ON THOSE WHO ‘MAL Y PENSE!’ GO GET 'EM, D 43!*



wow… i kinda feel like crying… i guess because… i feel so discoruaged sometimes… i plant seeds but never seem to see the plants come up… :frowning: :ouch:

thank you so much for making me see all over again… that things may be going on behind the scenes… that i just don’t and may never (in this life) have a clue about… :slight_smile:


Yes…I do. Most of the teachers with whom I work behave in a very unsavory way when apart from the students. They call it ‘blowing off steam’. I call it disgusting.


You are not alone. I feel the same way. Don’t be like me and get incredibly discouraged. I did, and I went off on a side track for a good 3 months, stopped my regular prayer routine, felt like a tidal wave was taking me on and i was all alone.

Keep on plugging away, dont worry about what other people think. I did, it was a mistake. I’m trying to claw my way back now

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