Do you sometimes think that the world would be better off if you ran it?

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  • Nah

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I dunno, I find myself thinking this myself. Pride maybe? Or maybe this thought has some merit


No way! Even with the best intentions, I would make a mess of everything. I just couldn’t handle coordinating all the different types of people in this world with different values, goals, etc.


If I ruled the world

Day 1: Let’s solve problems.
Day 2: Wow are there a lot of problems.
Day 3: Why won’t you work with me to solve problems?
Day 4: Nothing is going to plan.
Day 5: Humans are the source of our problems. We must eliminate the source of problems.


I’m pretty sure my loved ones would be better off if they took my advice :smirk:


Sweet heavens, no.


No but I do wish for a return to a much more traditional, morally conservative and spiritual society.


Too many divergent people with divergent wants/needs. I’m for a more hands off and let’s all be nice approach. But seems many are looking for a strongman type leader. And others yet are looking to burn it all down.


The world would be better run if all of us were not fallen that’s for sure.


My reign of absolute supremacy would see world peace and progress.

The evil cabal that rules this world would be brutally eliminated… and then we shall have PEACE…


In all seriousness, some societies benefit from a strong-arm authority keeping them in line while others suffer. In the Persian empire for example, it was necessary to use brutal methods to keep the ethnically diverse population from acting up, and we saw the same thing with Saddam Hussein. Other societies like modern-day nation states thrive in more democratic power structures. BTW, I disavow scaphism, etc. :wink:


I would be an absolute dictator. The Benedictine way would be enforced strictly. No one would be happy. Much better to have someone that would be humble enough to share power.


My leadership style only works on a small scale. “The world” is certainly way out of that realm.


If I ran it, no congress, not judiciary, no committees, no constitution or other structural document, and nobody but my own judgment, yea, I’d love to run the show. I’d follow one tenet I’ve learned from Paul; “examine all things, keep that which is good…”


I don’t run the world. I run from the world!

When I was an electrician foreman on construction jobs, I wasn’t even comfortable running a crew of a dozen guys. Run the world? Forget about it!


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