Do you still wear your engagement ring?


**Hello Everyone! :wave: **

**Ever since I was married almost 16 months ago, I have worn my engagement ring less and less. It gets in my way, gets caught in/on things, I have injured myself more than once, and always fear injuring others. Other times I just feel plain flashy with it, the wedding band is more plain and simple like me. So, ****I basically don’t wear it anymore at all, save maybe the most special of occasions. **

**I realize I am MARRIED now, no longer engaged. It is not needed to show that I belong to someone anymore. So, I just wear my wedding band and that I NEVER take off! Never ever! :nope: My husband is fine with this, as long as I wear my wedding band, he could care less. **

**I am wondering what other women do. :confused: What is your personal preference? :confused: **

**Thanks! God bless you! :slight_smile: **


I wear them both. We chose our bands as a set, so my engagement ring matches. It isn’t flashy and I like that. :thumbsup: I didn’t have them melded together, some people do that. I chose not to do that, so if I needed to take of my other ring I could and still wear my wedding band.


I couldn’t imagine not wearing my engagement ring since its an antique and we had to get a custom made wedding band made to look exactly like it so it would sit with it.

The only time I never wore it is towards the end of my pregnancy and hands were swelling. My DH considers it very important that I wear it as he looks at it as the day that he wanted me to become his wife and he wanted to share his life with me. And I feel the same way, and on top of that he went out and got something he thought I’d love (which I do):slight_smile:

BTW here it is (Not such a great scan I know!)

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WOW! That is a beautiful ring. I see why you like to always wear it. :thumbsup:


I wear mine all the time, too, but only recently. I went through a phase where I wore it on my right ring finger, then not at all, and now I wear it with my wedding band all the time. I started wearing it again because people would assume I wasn’t married (our wedding bands are Celtic knotwork, so they don’t look like typical wedding bands), since I look really young. Having a baby around all the time, I thought it would be prudent to make it as obvious as possible that I was indeed married, and I have noticed a difference in how I am treated. It’s weird. :whacky:

Here’s what our wedding bands look like (my engagement ring is a very simple diamond solitaire):


I usually wear my engagement ring during the day, although I don’t sweat it on the days when I forget it in the morning. It comes off at night because sometimes I sleep with my face on my hand and don’t particularly like waking up with a solitare print on my cheek. My wedding band is plain white gold, and that only comes off for a few minutes at a time when I put on hand lotion.

I’m not much for jewelry, but I do like my engagement ring. It’s not too big or ornate, very pretty, and I know it was a financial sacrifice for my husband when he purchased it. So I like to wear it.


That is lovely! Where did you get it? I know how you feel about looking young. I’m 25 and I still get mistaken for 16…with or without both rings. It doesn’t work for me…darn! :rolleyes: :smiley:


Thank you!! We got them at a local Irish gift shop (The Irish Gift House in Tempe, AZ), and they were imported from a jeweler in Ireland. I’m on a first-name basis with the owners now, since I’ve been such a loyal customer going on 4 years now. :blush: The amount of Irish paraphernalia I buy there is just awful! And my poor hubby puts up with it all, despite not having one drop of Irish blood in him. God bless him. :smiley:


Well I don’t have a scanner…but I never did say what my rings looked like.

They are very plain. But specially made for my hands. Mine swell and get painful due to a health condition. It is called “comfort fit” It is totally smooth inside, with no ridges or texture. Outside looks normal.

I have a just a plain simple 14kt yellow gold band. No engravings, diamonds, just totally plain…and I just LOVE it! It is so easy and comfortable to wear.

My engagement ring also has a simple 14kt yellow gold band (no engravings, extra diamonds, just plain and smooth.) In the center on a white gold very short platform, is a 3/4 kt oval cut diamond. It is very plain and simple…we didn’t have much money to spend on them…it just still feels flashy. :shrug:


My husband and I have the comfort fit bands as well. We’ve been very pleased with them. We’re both lab scientists so comfortable rings were a must.


**We have been married for almost 8 years and, until recently, I never took my rings off…ever. They are just a simple set of white gold and small diamonds and never really got in my way UNTIL we had our baby. She is so active and squiggly that I was afraid of hurting her so I haven’t worn them in almost a year!!! Hopefully when she is old enough to be left with grandma I will be able to wear them when hubby and I finally get out alone together;)

Malia (my hand feels so naked!)


DW wears hers. We had a wedding band made to match the engagement ring…she is still wanting one for the other side.maybe someday honey!


I agree with you!!! I get the “are they your siblings?” when people are referring to MY kids!! DS is seriously just a few inches shorter than me (I’m only 5’ 2") So I love to wear both of my rings. I am proud of them as the wedding band I customed designed myself to have made. :wink:

BY the way, I love your ticker!!! Although with me, I feel like it is moving soooo slowwww!!!:wink: **


**I think I have earned it by this point!!! :wink: Right?:confused: Maybe for our 10 year you can get that (gosh, 4 1/2 more years to get the other side?)

I do take them off when I am towards the end of pregnancy when my hands are really swollen and I know this sounds tacky but I bought a fake real silver set that is a engagement ring and wedding band that go together but look so real (everyone thought they were real until I told them:blush: ) but I bought those so I don’t look like a single mom w/ 3 kids and 1 on the way when I am out alone w/ the kids w/out hubby…:shrug: **


I couldn’t wear anything else! Everything else made my fingers swell. My original engagemnt band wasn’t comfort fit. Once I tried on the CF wedding band, my husband had the band on my engagement ring changed to CF also. They are the best. :thumbsup:


Always. I gained weight. It won’t come off. Well, if I’m really cold, it will, then I leave it off and run to my daughter’s place of work, a jewelry store with an ultrasonic cleaner, and have it cleaned! :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m only 5’2", as well, which is partly why I look like I’m 16. I could go to the local junior high and mingle fairly well (and still be “short”). My DD was half my height by the time she was 15 months old! :eek: DH is 12 inches taller than me, so I figure all my kids will be taller than me by the time they get to about 3rd grade. :smiley:

Thank you! I was inspired by yours (I love the “pregnant lady” icon to the left), and just had to have it.


That’s smart! My mom did this too. She is older (of course) and spent so much time at doctor’s and the hospital when sick, but didn’t wear her rings cause they were way too small. They kept thinking my dad was a hired nurse :o So she bought a fake set…very, very cheap…but it does look SO real. :thumbsup:


You’re very smart for this and I should of listend to people when they told me this. Towards the end of my pregency (8 1/2 months) my father had quadraple bypass surgery in Texas (we live in PA) and they wouldn’t let me fly so we drove, anyways my hands swelled and I had to get my rings cut off. :frowning:


You left out one possible response to your poll: “I never had one”.

When I married during the Korean War, my husband and I were just out of school, and he was a private in the army, making an enormous $112 a month–we could barely afford $8 for a plain gold wedding band…:smiley:

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