Do you support imposing your belief system on non-believers?

No you don’t.

If someone kicks puppies and thinks it is cool and also owns a tow truck if I hire the person to tow my car I haven’t accepted that it is okay to kick puppies or that it is cool.

And if I choose not to hire the puppy-kicking tow truck owner, he can’t whine about how I discriminate against puppy kickers.

Which is a right. More so since one’s stance on puppy kicking isn’t a protected class.

Yes he can. He can complain and the government is prohibited from restrict those complaints provided he is not breaking some other law to share his views there.

OK, let me rephrase. He cannot sue me for not hiring him because I dislike puppy-kickers.

He certainly would have no case.

Can you elaborate? A “position” is only really relevant in so far as it gives rise to actions? What actions are “not acceptable” (that the world is realizing…)?

What I mean by this - and this is just my opinion - is that when the Church pushes its doctrine against homosexuality and similar sexuality issues into the secular world, there is going to be pushback. For example, I think it is very reasonable to claim that a Catholic marriage is only valid when between a man and a woman. But when the Church promotes doctrines that attack secular gay marriage, you can expect people to pushback in some manner. In this case, we are talking about how pro-Christian businesses are bearing the brunt of this pushback.

you miss the big picture, it has nothing to do with the operation of the business, they are attacking a remote owner’s beliefs.

how does Pope Francis see it? have I missed where he changed church teaching?

it isn’t being tolerant, it is redefining a core belief of the church.

no, they won’t tow your car because you don’t accept that they kick puppies. you don’t get the choice to disapprove.

protected is the keyword,

The church expressed a view and the pushback ought properly to be an opposing view. It’s called speech, dialogue and debate.

The Church does not “attack”. It has opposed on well established grounds. Others are welcome to disagree like adults.

It would seem that it is the those who favour gay marriage who have launched the attack, turning a debate into something else.

You are so overly dramatic. They aren’t attacking an owner’s beliefs! They are simply choosing another store.

Pope Francis is trying to be more open to homosexuals and divorced Catholics. There is resistance.

I think that if the Church focused on defending traditional marriage in the context of the sacrament, there would be little if any complaints. However, by opposing even secular gay marriage, Catholics open themselves up to pushback. In this case, having people refuse to do business with them. I understand and agree with them. It’s one thing to say Catholic marriage is defined by the Bible, one man/one woman, and so forth. But to deny the rights of non-Christians that want to get married? I would push back as well.

they are very clear on why they aren’t using the company.

he isn’t changing church teaching.

“recognize the sin, love the sinner” is still the rule

It defends it on the basis of something more tangible, more self-evident. The evident sexual nature of man and woman. But even this is denied!

You make it sound as though this is some kind of natural behaviour? “I disagree with your views on that, so I’m gonna boycott you”. Sounds like bully tactics to me.

What you call secular marriage was a legal support arrangement for that unique relationship between man and woman that is the building block of society. The society decided to modify it to something else. I suggest there is no weighty logical reason to stop where we are now. Apparently, it’s just a matter of law. :man_shrugging:

Yes I oppose SSM. I would outlaw it if I could, but the law would only sanction government employees issuing the certificates. I would look the other way on commitment ceremonies etc. Ban premarital sex under the law? No. It is a mortal sin but not a civil offense. Clearly hard to enforce.

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