Do you support Israel or Palestine?

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I just want to see the opinion on CAF.


What? There is no problem…


I don’t see a problem either, but let the moderator decide.


There is too much tension and violence going on in The Holy Land. I do not think people will hold their tongues and only vote on the subject.

It is about peoples lives. We should not trivialize it in a vote to see peoples opinions.


If you don’t like a thread, you don’t have to post in it or view it.


Not sure if it’s that simple…I support Israel in that it has the right to to exist and to defend itself against any aggression against it’s citizens or the country itself…then again I think a majority of Palestinians are being manipulated and suffer to a certain extent from Israeli reprisals ( even if justified) mainly because of their own leaders hatred towards Israel…so I support their right to self determination…but only if they support the right for Israel to exist in peace…I did choose neutral…


i agree with what peebo said

i didn’t vote


What would Pope Francis say? Well, he doesn’t support war for a start. I don’t think it is Christian to take sides. America seems to be supporting Israel.
I’m not informed enough to choose either side anyway. Complex history.


Exactly. But I support the two state solution. I also would support a neutral committee to make the decision on how the land should be cut up between Israel and Palestine and what the government of Palestine should look like. Further, the committee should look into the way the present government of Israel is run and recommend changes which will lead to a more just situation. For example, a Jew cannot marry a Palestinian Muslim in Israel and if he attempts to do so he can be jailed for two years.
The only problem here is to get an agreement on who will serve on this neutral committee. Perhaps Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Sergei Lavrov, Jean Claude Juncker and Prince Charles…Henry Kissinger is a great choice also, except that he is now about 94 years old. I would recommend an odd number of people.


this a trouble-making troll thread; not playing


Can’t vote because the poll is ill-conceived. It does not have the option to support both, which is distinct from neutral. It’s the difference between a peacemaker and a non-interventionist.


i don’t think there are any neutral players.

these people are not neutral on the issue. just google some of their comments

why do you think this rule exists?


:neutral_face: :popcorn:


Why is Sergei Lavrov not neutral? Russia has good relations with both Palestine and Israel.
And I suspect that XI Jinping is also neutral and could appoint people who would be neutral.
The Vatican is also neutral and has relations with both sides.
I still think that a two state solution is best for both sides. In order for that to happen, both sides have to agree.


It’s possible to support both. You can think both deserve a place, but both are doing things they shouldn’t.


I’d have to pick Palestine if I had to pick but it’s not like picking which football team to root for.


The correct answer, as I see it, is “yes.” It must be both/and, rather than one to the exclusion of the other. Middle East peace may never be reached, as it has never truly existed. Yet, we are called to seek an equitable solution. And perhaps those who seek shall eventually find.


he supports hamas terrorist Saleh al-Arouri.
russia has conflicting interest in other arab states that may influence their decision

i don’t believe the vatican is neutral. they also have interest in the arab states. pope francis has been very vocal about the conflict

there is a 2 state solution. the second state is called jordan. the land of jordan was originally supposed to be the arab palestine state per the original mandate.


This is why I added the “Neutral” option people! If you support both, or don’t have an opinion, then pick Neutral and explain your viewpoints down below.


While it could be argued that it was a terrible idea and a lack of foresight for the Allies to set up the nation of Isreal in the first place…it exists now. There’s no point debating it. And it’s not going anywhere. I support Israel in principle and I support it’s right to exist. However I obviously don’t support the many crimes perpetrated by the leaders of the nation over the years.

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