Do you support Israel or Palestine?


I have no issues being blunt. Since I’ve spent years with the IDF.

Outside of the media twisting things to fit an agenda, people are woefully ill informed of the reality of living in that part of the world.

I would say without any hesitation that the movements driving the so called ‘protests against Israeli apartheid’ are nothing but sick fantasy. It is Islamic ideology - not Palestinian freedom, fuelling hatred. If it were not, why are so many Arabs happy coexisting?

Let me preface and say that I am NOT a supporter of Islamic belief. That is NOT the same as failing to ‘care’ about individual Muslims. If anything I agree with Dr. David Wood (prolific on YouTube) that what’s actually best for Muslims is to be taught the truth about Muhammad; not be left in ignorance or executed for trying to leave Islam. After all; Apostasy is death for them.

In the streets of Hebron and beyond; I’ve seen young children as old as 5-6 being told to hate Israelis. Not make up opinions of their own - but brainwashed to throw stones and cause harm.

Whilst Israeli’s and Jews aren’t perfect; so many of the IDF, Specifically paramedic detachments and peacekeepers, administer aid to Palestinians despite them being ordered to attack Jews by the Palestinian authority.

A group who brainwash their people with the most ridiculous lies. Such as Jews poisoning water at Ramadan. If it was poisoned I wonder, how am I still alive?

In truth, the Jews only want a right to exist. Just as they did when Adolf Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Islam colluded together to slaughter every last one of them.

I’ve no doubt that yet again what I say will cause offence or be moderated out.

So remember this.

What is right and just will never be SILENCED.

Did you think watching our Coptic brothers and sisters butchered in hundreds of thousands or watching Boko Haram (a Muslim terror group in Nigeria) kidnap hundreds of women for sexual slavery, would just go unnoticed?

No. For all too long the politically correct have hampered the truth. Not taking a side - it’s getitng people killed.

Israel and people trying to do their best to survive amongst a word of hate, deserve support not passive neglect!

Because, believe it. The concentration camps existed once. In parts of Syria a form of them still do unfortunately. It could all happen again.

Will people stand in ignorance and watch the growing antisemitism and anti Zionism again degenerate into 6million+ being herded into pens and slaughtered like animals?

I would hope not. I would hope people find the courage to protect the life that God created. I sincerely doubt Jesus expected people to sit on their hands whilst the world crumbles to hateful ideology and doctrine.

But hey. That’s just me.

Shalom Aleikhem Israel.


Guys I’m with Kathleen. This subject is too controversial, especially in these crazy days


There are evil doers on both sides. There are good doers on both sides. There are Jews who believe ALL of the biblical lands of Israel belong to them. There are Muslims who believe ALL of Palestine belongs to them.

Fact of the matter is Israel no longer existed after the 2nd century C.E.,. The Romans booted the Jews out of Palestine. Netanyahu says Jerusalem has been the Israeli capital thousands of years. That’s a blatant historical lie. Let’s give the land back to the native Americans in the Untied States.

And for those who say the state of Israel should be recognized by the Palestinians… Well that’s already happened. Problem is Israel doesn’t recognize the state of Palestine.

There are clear videos out there in you tube land that show Israeli soldiers kicking and hitting young Arab children. Brave soldiers. Please don’t act like the Jews of Israel are better humans. They are not.

All are sinners in God’s eyes. All.

I love my family dearly. But I don’t take their side with blind eyes in desputes. Same with Israel. A beautiful mature Judaism that i love and appreciate cuz it’s touched by God. But I refuse to turn a blind eye to them.

Islam sure needs to do a lot of growing up. The Palestinians need to do some serious growing up. Self accountability. Teaching hate to children is a horrific evil thing to do. It completely blackens the good they do. But they remain God’s children.

Both sides have a leadership that refuses to compromise. No compromise, no peace. Immaturity personified???


Islam cannot ‘grow up’.

Anyone who knows a shred of ‘anything’ about the Quran knows this.

Muhammad’s ‘later teachings’, combined with Abrogation laws; mean that the final command to slaughter unbelievers is ingrained in orthodox Islamic doctrine.

Sure. Reform and entirely disagree with what Muhammad said. Prey tell at that stage, why bother to even be Muslim? It would defile their Prophets words, not less a crime to them than Christians rebuking Jesus.

I am dumbfounded at people’s reluctance. If you think it’s just to passively sit by and let the world be surpressed by an ideology that has killed more people in 1400 years than both great wars then on your heads be it.

I on the other hand, shall return to spreading the Truth. Pacifism is the way of cowards.

Rest assured that like with all of history. What starts in the Holy Land will not stay there. It never has.


Guess what? If you read the history of the region, that is exactly what happened after World War II!

The UN recommended a two state solution. The Jews accepted this even though it gave them a very small territory for their new state of Israel. The Arabs rejected it, consistent with their policy of death to the Jews, and declared war on Israel. This Arab war on the Jews continues to this very day. Egyptian President Sadat wanted to make peace with the Jews and was murdered for it. President Clinton hosted the Israeli PM and PLO boss Yasser Arafat in 2000. Clinton was astounded at the huge concessions the Israelis were willing to make for peace, but Arafat said no.

The fact is that the war on the Jews is simply Evil. There is no moral equivalence. It could be ended equitably at any time the Arabs chose to make peace. However, many Arabs are still planning on the extermination of the Jews, however long it may take.


Just saying…


I’m sure she meant it in a good way. This subject divides people unhealthily. I believe the role of Christians is to pray and get involved to obtain a peaceful solution.


That is very cool! Jerusalem is the most amazing city in the world. I pray to God I’ll go back there one day :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2:


your second link says that the Dome of the Rock was originally a synagogue, really?


So because of that inaccuracy am I to believe that all the photos on that link are fake? Was that Dome even functioning as an Islamic shrine in the 19th century? Not to mention that it was built on the place of the Second Temple of Solomon and after that it was a pagan Roman Temple for Jupiter built there and then came the Dome of Rock. That is the only thing that is inaccurate on that blog? Should I then consider those photos fake?
What am I to think?


Just saying…


The Pali’s don’t want a 2 state solution. They’ve had decades to agree to that. They want Israel gone, and a single Palestinian state made.

Israel was created out of British territory, it was Britain’s to do with as they pleased. The Arab’s decided to attack Israel as soon as they declared independence, and Israel trounced them. There was another war a few years later. During these wars Israel rightfully claimed some land from their conquered enemies, and are developing it.

If people would quit telling the Palestinian’s they have a right to things they have no right to, and to accept the fact that they’ve been conquered and submit to their new rulers there would be a little more peace in the region.

Unfortunately, there’s more interest in keeping them riled up than there is in actually attaining peace. Were I in charge, I’d tell the Palestinian’s they could either become Israeli citizens, recognize Israel as the sole state, or go somewhere else.


They should return to Jordan et al, where the remnants of the Jebusites (and other Canaanites that weren’t absorbed into original Israel) went and relocated.

People understandably have an issue with talks of oppression and invasion but they don’t objectively look at history, they are instead duped into the idea that Palestinian Arabs are being oppressed by the IDF. Mostly by Saudi funded media and agenda bound politicians.

After all nobody gives voice to the Palestinian Christians who actually want to live in Israel do they. Nope. ‘Israhell’ as they like to call it, is evil itself. Seem to recall Eichmann saying the same about Zionism.

I can’t stress enough that this is not the case. Hamas hide weapons in schools, charity buildings and worse; just because they know these places are free from attack by convention bound armies.

The IDF risk their own lives to avoid causing casualties to their enemies and even ‘knock’ on the roof tops of targets, allowing people time to flee in advance before they destroy military targets.

How oppressive does that sound? Compared to the PA telling Muslims that Jews hate them and that they should enter synagogues during prayer and stab everyone to death? Which has happened several times.

I’d encourage everyone to review the stages of Jihad, because Islam has not changed for 1400 years.

It is not a religion in the strictest sense, albeit that the first half of the Quran has some nice verses taken from the Torah; but more of a political vehicle for sharia. The latter phase of Muhammad’s life, led on to influence the Crusades and in turn almost the entire loss of Europe.

These things may not seem connected at first but join the dots.

Yet again Muhammads adherants want their Global caliphate and for whatever reason, everyone is colluding to strike at Jews and Christians alike.

Jesus was right about persecution. It’s contInuing now.


Congratulations, your argument is a stunning example of a double edged sword.


Your ambiguity isn’t constructive.

I merely aim for the truth. Which is why I traveled all over Israel before I saw fit to debate on these subjects.

People can debate theology to the cows come home. When it comes to geography, genetics, history and reality of living however. Facts are king.

I don’t claim my presentation flawless. I have a great deal of emotion invested in the Holy Land, which I endeavour to keep a lid on (as do most who want to see it flourish).

But I have no interest in debating it really. Why bother? I’ve seen a thousand articles debating Netanyahu. Followed by a thousand people ‘trying and executing’ him via social media.

Try meeting people and getting amongst them before you swallow their drivel.

I’m done on the subject. Before someone sees fit to give me another 3 month ban for speaking my mind,


That sums it up for me. The two state solution is probably the best one and maybe we should learn our lesson about how the Western world always seems to make problems in the Middle East worse.


If Lavrov is not neutral then the US is equally not a neutral player with regards to the situation.


Both parties have to be willing to entertain a 2 state solution. Israel is willing, the Palestinians are not.


In my opinion entirely too much attention is given to the entire insignificant region. Take Israel for instance. The entire country would fit nicely between Cincinnati and Cleveland North to South and Zanesville and Springfield East to West. How many other countries with less area than Ohio appear almost continually in the news as if they were some major power which really contributes something to the world? Do away with all its tumultuous religious history and what would be left? A lot of sand.


i didn’t say they were.
i said in an earlier post that i don’t believe anyone is neutral.

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