Do you support Israel or Palestine?


Why should the Israeli’s capitulate to these people? Israel is an ethnic state for Jews. The Arabs can go to an Arab state such as Jordan, Lebanon, etc.


Sadly, you are right
The disparity has widened dramatically over time. Since January 2005, when the conflict began to change dramatically, it has killed 4,006 people, of whom 168 have been Israeli and 3,838 Palestinian. That means that, since January 2005, only four percent of those killed have been Israeli, and 96 percent Palestinian. Since January 2005, in other words, the conflict has killed 23 Palestinians for every one Israeli it claims.


You’d think that would be an incentive for the Palestinian’s to quit fighting, they clearly aren’t doing very well.


You seem to be on the side of legalised theft, those with the biggest guns take what they want.


Britain, along with it’s allies, defeated the Ottoman Empire in WWI and as part of the treaties following was awarded land from it’s conquered enemy. That is not theft.


Because the Palestinians are human beings with immortal souls and deserve equal rights and citizenship instead of cruel subjugation and poverty.


They should probably stop antagonizing the Israeli government then and giving them reason to enact punitive measures. They can have the equal rights and citizenship, when they start acting like citizens worthy of those rights instead of a hostile force within the Israeli borders.


it’s honestly Britan and the other colonial nations’ fault at the end of WW1…


Yeah lumping various people into arbitrary borders wasn’t a good idea, but they couldn’t afford to fund empires anymore sadly.

Ideally they could have been kept as colonies and ruled by western powers and guided Islam into a more tolerable ideology, while building up their economic capacity.

Probably should have set up some kind caliphate since the colony idea was untenable.


And, placing the Jews in the middle east on their old homeland, while poetic in a historic sense, was a terrible idea because of Muslim ideas towards Jews…


Where else were they put them?


So just give the Holy Land to the Muslims because they hate Jews and have guns, bombs and missels?


I know its easy for me to say, but maybe find a place in the world that hates Jews less? (IMO, anywhere but the Middle East…)


Theodor Herzl actually didn’t mind if Jews were allowed to live anywhere other than Israel, like Argentina. I believe


Well yeah but then one of those places would have had to give up territory for them. I wouldn’t have supported the United States giving up any to give them a homeland.


None of our territory? not giving them some of Alaska or Montana, helping them start, and then backing off?


Im with David all day, the Nephilim can take a back seat!


Absolutely not. They have a historic claim to the land they currently occupy. They don’t have that to any land anywhere else. Peace will come when they can unequivocally defeat and subjugate their hostile neighbors. Once the Arabs learn that they can’t win against them they’ll quit fighting (as the Jordanians and Egyptians have). The solution to the Palestinian problem is to quit pretending they have a legitimate claim to anything. Once they learn their only recourse is through peace with their rulers and not constant terror attacks things will improve.


“…Israel and the area there is at a point where it intersects with the crossroads of numerous civilizations and faiths and you simply cant ‘do away with’ that as for better or worse those civilizations and faiths have influenced all of us posting here.”

And what an influence! That area from before Roman times to the Crusades and beyond has been the site of terrible atrocities committed in the name of “the True religion”, that being the particular religion of each of the warring parties. It’s time to let Israel and the rest of the inhabitants of the region settle their own disagreements, war if necessary, without interference and aid from any other country. Let the fittest survive.


If I was Israel, I would do my best to get the Sunnis and Shias to go into an all out brawl, and then enter to mop up whoever’s left.


Peace in the Middle East.

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