Do you support Israel or Palestine?


It’s pretty simple. God made a covenant, that he would send a Messiah as the salvation of the Jews. That Messiah was Jesus. That some of them didn’t accept Christ as the Messiah and continue to bind themselves to the old covenant is their own choice, but it’s not what God asked of them. Jew or gentile, we are all called to follow Christ. There is no more distinction between the two.


" This indicates a special place for Israel, for no other people has a promise that there will always be a believing remnant. God also has future plans for the Jewish people: One day the Jewish people as a nation will return to Christ, and this will be one of the signs of the Second Coming and the resurrection of the dead"

So basically, they still have to turn to Christ.


so a christian nation won’t work for israel.


what game is that?


Europa Universialis. I’ve tried to play it, wayyy too complex for me.


Sure it would. They don’t need a government or territory to be a nation.


That sounds like a good reason for the pope to be in Jerusalem.


Nah, the Bishop of Rome needs to reside in Rome.

Having a Christian state rule the Levant under Catholic guidance would be ideal.


i don’t think the arabs would be any happier with this scenario.


I’m not overly concerned with their opinion on the matter honestly.


Good game, but indeed very, very complex.


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