Do you support the second amendment?


I do not have time to explain why everything you posted here is wrong, but I will start with these.

  1. Mass shootings almost always occur in gun free zones. Criminals do not like armed opposition.

  2. Banning hollowpoints is a bad idea. Full metal jacket rounds are more likely to go through your target and hit another bystander.


Nevada is a class III state. Fully automatic weapons are legal. Many out-of-staters keep class III weapons there for war re-enactments and other shooting activities. Yet no law of any kind (how about MURDER???) would have changed the outcome! And physical objects are routinely blamed rather than murderous intent. It is not a rational thought process to engage in a current or future activity with the intent of preventing a past crime. “So that this never happens again” is the mantra - well, if the public’s heads were not in the sand, this one could have been stopped many times over before it happened.

Freedom is clearly too dangerous for some Americans. Wait til the entire story comes out. Numerous - perhaps hundreds of people - had to ignore vital warning signs as this guy planned this for an extended period of time. We have terrorist warning signals to watch for at airports. It used to be common sense but we are living in a senseless culture.


Do you support ANY restrictions on guns? What are some common sense gun control laws you think should be implemented?


We already ban murder.

What more do we need?


In the Las Vegas shooting, many men shielded women and children with their bodies. The men died but the bullets did NOT go THROUGH their bodies and into the bodies of the people they were shielding. A “normal” bullet would penetrate both.


Does this include the BLM movement?


Depends on what you mean. The founders would have expected any rebellion
to against the federal govt to take place as theirs did… with a
democratic agreement to rebel. The colonial govts agreed to rebel, just
like the Confederate States voted to rebel.

It wasn’t anarchy, it was democracy.

BLM & similar groups are currently operating in a way that could
potentially lead one of two ways: (1) Lead to liberal states like CA
voting to leave the nation (which would be unfortunate, but consistent with
that freedom), or (2) lead to street violence which is inconsistent with
the freedom.

The problem with BLM and similar groups is that they have communist and
socialist ideas, not democratic ideas

God Bless


did you visit the sites?

one is an ad for a treadmill?


we have background checks now. how would you enforce background checks on private sales? this only stops law abiding citizens. crooks don’t follow the law. this just makes it harder for poor people to obtain guns.

what proof do we have that waiting periods work? many states have some form of a waiting period for various types of guns. have they reduced crime?

how many people do you think stockpile weapons? how would you know without a registry? this is what the left really wants.

gun violence can be studied, see earlier post.

agreed but all money not just nra. but how do we fund campaigns or again is it a game only for the rich

all your gun control desires do is control the poor. these suggestion would not have stopped this guy or any well off individual.


they are already controlled to the point the average joe can’t afford them

this means private sales, how do you regulate it without a registry? the seller just has to list it as stolen so even a registry has flaws. it is a burden just for the poor and not the rich. gun control is racist.

internet sales go through ffl’s so they are background checked. private sales won’t stop because of a law. you have places on the web that you can get anything.

many states have waiting periods, do they work? it won’t stop people like the las vegas killer he will just wait.

• We must limit the number of firearms any individual can own!

how do you enforce this? does the number of guns mean you intend to kill someone? i know a guy that bought 600 war surplus rifles as an investment. we all thought it was a waste of money but he made a very good profit on them.

because i can’t just keep changing 5 round clips. most ar’s use magazines not clips. the politicians don’t even know the difference but want to control it. where is their due diligence?

it’s not legal to manufacture or import armor piercing ammunition. what exactly is an armor piercing bullet. the atf defined it as handgun ammo.

it is usually locally or individually controlled but these gun free zones are a magnet for the nuts wanting a shooting gallery environ. will it stop anyone who has a purpose? why do you think a sign will keep people safe?

so you want a registry to eventually take the guns away. you may not advocate this but many on the left do.


the key here is the membership. they are vocal and vote. what the press doesn’t get right is that it isn’t only the nra. there are several other gun groups that are just as vocal and vote.

i believe this is one reason why hillary lost. she underestimated the number of citizens that believe in the 2nd amendment.

i said owners are vocal but not many will tell anyone they own a gun.


Copied from an article in the Huffington Post written in 2015.

Tell that to the woman with kids who knows her drunk ex will come over later to abuse her and the kids and there’s nothing the police can do since he hasn’t broken any laws yet.


Hi, Brendan!

Thanks for the clarification!

Maran atha!



So, relax the gun laws; go back to the wild west and let each man make his own law?

Maran atha!



This is a feeble as machinegun Kelly gets his deer!

Maran atha!



It’s the ‘don’t judge, me, and please pass the guns and ammo… thanks!’ society!

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Hey, what if we pass guns (like needles and contraceptives) for those who can’t afford them–that would be the equalizer, right?

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Selling them to whom?

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Really? It was not because she vocalized that America would face a third Obama (through poppet Hillary) term?

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war surplus rifles aren’t in big demand by criminals. they are a little too big to conceal in a heist.

he sold them to other collectors

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