Do you support the second amendment?


unions love it!

as do many other groups pushing their own agenda.


Indeed. And both parties are very good at it


Try not to take it personally. I’ve added @Cath13 to my ignore list. All he does is post DNC talking points, accuses you of listening to Rush Limbaugh and loading your gun and does not consider he may be wrong.


Cath13 is probably breathing a sigh of relief over this fact.


i thought you were replying about my story.


Oh, 1000 pardons. When you typed “his issue was…” I thought the “his” you were referring to was Jon’s.


Have you ever been in an NRA chatroom?


No she did not.
Yes she did.
No she did.
Quack Quack Quack
L I B Darn, she did.

But you did make an excellent argument. Sadly though, both of them are true.


The Intelligence factor left the building a couple of days ago.


I would too if I lost arguments that badly.


An interesting point at 13:40 about guns and crime. That the availability of guns doesn’t necessarily cause more crime.
It does raise the question why mass shootings are common in the US today, why they became increasingly more common since the 1960s and why they were, apparently, rare prior to the 1960s.


Good vid. Portrays both sides pretty well. The channel’s relatively young and deserves some love.

Don’t worry, it’s not mine.


That is a very thoughtful video. Thanks for sharing.



In post 1784 you said . . . .


In reading this thread, I feel like I’m in an NRA chatroom not a Catholic one . . .

I wasn’t aware that the NRA HAD a chatroom.

I went to THE NRA website (because YOU brought it up).


I couldn’t find any NRA chatroom.

Could you please link to this “NRA Chatroom” that you are alluding to?

I’m not calling you a liar Cath13.

I just wanted to go see for myself what YOU were talking about.

So if you wouldn’t mind linking to this “NRA Chatroom” that you have experienced, it would be most appreciated.

Thanks Cath13.



That. Is. HILARIOUS!!!


It is understandable they would say that about themselves. It sounds a lot better than what I would write for them:

The National Rifle Association is America’s most powerful industry-supported defender of gun industry profits.


I think I’ve been rather patient with your lies and slander about members of the NRA. I don’t think I will be anymore.
Changed my mind. Let me say this instead.
When Chicago resident, Otis MacDonald wanted a firearm to protect himself and his home, the progressive government there told him no. So it was the NRA that stepped up, along with other patriotic Americans to help him, all the way to the Supreme Court, where he won back his right, a right denied him by the plantation drivers in the Chicago government.
Otis MacDonald, an American who was black, got back his rights, no thanks to progressives like you.



if you trust the government and feel safe, there’s no one going to force you to own a weapon. I have them and am very capable in using them and unfortunately am fairly confident in today’s climate I will have to use them eventually. And it is what it is. Very sad times we live in.


There is no reason to think that the NRA as an organization would be racist. There is no benefit in it for them. They have strong support from gun manufacturers. Those manufacturers are not racists. They want to sell as many guns as they can. They don’t care who buys them.

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