Do you think a vocation is a call to go to a bible college?


Do you think a vocation is a call to go to a bible college?


No. A vocation is a call to a permanent state of life. Going to a college is not permanent. And if you are Catholic, you are probably not called to go to a Bible college, as that is a concept limited to fundamentalist Protestantism. Many such schools are not accredited, and many are also anti-Catholic.


No. A vocation is a call to the priesthood or the consecrated life.


What in the world is a “Bible college?”

Are those like those trailers out in the desert / diploma mills that give people like Kent Hovind degrees?


Add diaconate to that and I will agree with you perfectly.

Additionally, all the baptized have a call to holiness.


Add matrimony as most people are called to marriage and raise children.


I don’t think so.


It is the parallel to “seminary” for evangelicals and or fundamentalists.


A “vocation” is a word that has multiple meanings, even within the Catholic church does it have more than one meaning.

Etymylogically, I think it means, “too call”, or a calling.


Actually, no. A seminary is accredited and has very high academic standards. Most “bible colleges” have neither. There is really no parallel. Besides, what is this doing on a Catholic website? Why would a Catholic go to a fundamentalist school with little or no academic credibility, whick does not uphold the Magisterium?


Dann tends to have a rather ‘ecumenical’ type outlook. It can be a little jarring until one realizes that for a lot of Protestants, the terms he uses and the particular charisms, gifts, Biblical studies etc. are very familiar to THEM, and that it can be enlightening for Catholic and non-Catholic Christians to get an idea of how the other is viewing Christian living and focus.


First, not everyone here IS Catholic.

Some are converts and sometimes converts do not know the “new language” and use terms they used before conversion.

Accreditation, high standards, each denomination has their own accreditation bodies and they set thresholds for standards.


As St Therese says, our vocation is really the way we express God’s love, whether that’s religious life, marriage, or consecrated single life. This is distinguished from a career or going to a college. So no your choice to go to a bible college would not be.
That being said unless it is through a Catholic program or bible study, I would take precautions. I had Evangelist/Protestant friends attend a Bible school after college and it was more geared toward making them evangelists/missionaries for their own church. These schools also teach a non-Catholic Bible, which leaves room for denouncing the Catholic faith due to differences in interpretation, lack of Catholic books from the old testament, and a lack of heed to natural law and tradition which helps us as Catholics better truly understand Scripture.
If you have a desire to better know the Bible as a Catholic I would visit a Catholic library or bookstore for reading guides or see if your church has a men’s/women’s Bible study. If you desire to be a missionary/evangelism there are numerous Catholic groups that do this including FOCUS and Lifeteen.


I am a tenure professor, so I understand accreditation. I have served on accreditation committees. The “denominational accreditation” that so-called “bible colleges” have has no recognition in the academic world. Should someone attempt to transfer to a truly accredited school, or go to grad school, they would not find their credits have recognition. The same is not true of Vatholic seminaries, which have actual accreditation.



Wait just a cotton pickin minute here. Now just what in tarnation are you sayin? That the Patriot Bible “University” where Kent Hovind got his “doctorate” isn’t legitimately accredited?!

Just look at this!


Seems legit to me.


The Spyridon !


Grossly uncharitable.



How is it uncharitable to call out scam artists on their scam?

Mockery is a legitimate form of rhetoric which many of the great Saints and Doctors employed. St. Jerome was brutal in his mocking rhetoric.

Scripture itself employs mockery in several places - there are entire chapters called “taunt songs” where the Prophets taunt and mock the enemies of God.


Well, there’s a surprising number of Catholics on this very forum who promote the same sort of “science” that Hovind promotes… its a bit scary.


@twf yes it’s very disheartening to see fellow Catholics who are so vastly ignorant of science trying to pontificate on subjects they know nothing about by utilizing Protestant fundamentalist propaganda.

I just don’t get it. I don’t get it at all.

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