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Do you think a vocation is a call to go to a bible college?


There seems to be a “package deal” mentality in certain corners…I’ve seen it a lot on this forum to various extents. It seems to go something like this:
As a orthodox Catholic, I’m conservative on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage, thus I am an American conservative, thus I am a Republican, thus I support Trump, thus I am allied with Evangelicals, thus I reject modern science in favour of “creation science”…etc. etc. etc.
Add to that a rejection of climate science and an abject terror of the word “socialism”.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting the above pattern applies to all or even most here…but there does seem to be a bit of an intellectual domino effect.


I fully agree and I know exactly the mentality you’re talking about it.

I believe it’s an outgrowth of the old Americanism heresy, which, sadly, has become fairly wide spread in American Catholicism.


The vast majority of non-Catholic Christians are not some sort of ignorant buffoons. They are earnest men and women who love God and are striving to serve Him.

Christ did not say “By this will all men know you are my disciples, by how well you mock non-Catholics”.

Respect is the very foundation of charity.



When did I say that or even imply it?

Mocking a fundamentalist diploma mill does NOT mean I think all Protestants are stupid.

And some things are not worthy of respect. I have 0 respect for diploma mills which operate on deceit.


The Catholic Church has a long tradition of establishing respected universities. Heck, the modern university system arose in a very Catholic ecclesiastical context. I don’t think we are helping anyone by vindicating non-accredited “Bible colleges”. There is a strand of anti-intellectualism in certain branches of Protestantism that should be combated.
There are plenty of respected, properly accredited non-Catholic Christian institutions out there as well.

I grew up as an Evangelical Protestant for the record.


It’s where protestants go to be taught how to interpret the Bible their way.

The irony in that is hilarious to me.


To infer that every Protestant college is a “diploma mill” is uncharitable.


I never implied that - at least I didn’t mean to.

I have huge respect for legitimate Protestant universities. Heck, Princeton started as a Protestant university…


Woops, I overlooked that. Thanks for the reminder.


That’s not even close to what he was saying.


Here is an article about Bible Colleges put out BY those who run Bible colleges. Note particularly this passage from it: “Not many Bible colleges are accredited by Department of Education-approved accrediting boards…”

Bible colleges are NOT full-fledged accredited institutions of higher learning. That is fact, and is not insulting. There are many colleges run by Protestant denominations that ARE full-fledged and accredited.


Yes not all bible trainingg is not at an accredited school.
I have met many people who arrived with the testimony of
“the lord told me to come here”


The Avila Institute isn’t accredited–by choice, I presume. But I think they’re far more orthodox and intensely spiritual than some big name “Catholic” universities boasting multiple accreditations.


You know, this picture is amazing. Look closely at the “cross” I am wondering if it is a telephone pole with a figure of the corpus like our crucifix; which by the way, you don’t find in protestant churches, Our crucifix is anathema to them.
Oh, and it really doesn’t look like Georgetown University; more like some place that Tom Bodette will leave the light on for you.


So such an organization may be an apologetics institute. But it is not, by definition, a college or university, which is expected to meet certain scholarly and intellectual standards.


Just in case anyone is interested, Avila’s focus is spiritual (ascetical and mystical) theology.


Its not a Catholic vocation at all.

People matriculate at bible colleges when they think they have a calling to be a minister in a low-brow protestant church. Catholics- as well as “high brow” Protestants like Presbyterians and Episcopalians- go to theological seminaries where they earn a doctorate level degree before they are ordained.


Actually, Catholic priests earn an MDiv, which is a Master’s. Huge difference from a PhD, which requires a monograph-length dissertation and various comprehensive examinations.


Something that some (not all) Protestants have instead of seminaries.


When I was at world Evangelical college and seminary…
As one particular arrival from
Tylor Texas. The Lord sent him there. And The Lord says he is a Prophet.

Where would you go ?

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