Do you think Ant Man and The Wasp is suitable for Catholics to watch?


If any of you have watched the movie perhaps you can share your experience whether movie like this is suitable for catholics to watch? I haven’t watch it yet so I am curious. You don’t have to tell the spoilers of course.


I haven’t the foggiest…if you did watch the trailers then you’d be able to decide for yourself?
The image looks harmless enough ,and the Title interesting …
I’ve been in cinemas where the film has taken a turn for the worst and look at my popcorn for a bit,or even walked out.


As for most movies: as long as you recognise that it is fiction, it won’t harm your faith etc then it’s fine to watch. I watched it a week ago, and the content is fine. Nothing particularly questionable (eg ‘explicit’ scenes).

One tip though: if you do watch it, make sure you stay for the aftercredits scenes! This one is heavily connected to the current events in the MCU and explains why Ant-Man was absent from Infinity War.


Check out

I looked at their review

And decided it was ok for grandpa to take all the kiddos to it. They loved it.


Why would it not be?


My son and I saw it this week…it was a pretty good summer movie…disengage your mind.

I think I heard the Lords name taken in vain a couple times, other than that not really much cursing, no sex scenes, no gore…I do not think anyone actually died in the movie…

The plot was that of a comic book, suspend all laws of physics and logic and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Mostly it was a big in-movie advertising campaign, from Hyundi to Altoids or Hot Wheels, PEZ, Dell computers…the list goes on…just a lot of blatant name branding done in the movie…

I know that sounds weird but I remember learning about this when movies first started using props to generate in-movie dollars in advertising classes years ago…

One thing my son and I discussed that we liked is that this was not a "the universe as we know it is going to end unless we do “X”

It is a self contained story mostly centering on the relationship and lives of the central characters…only vague mentioning of the other Marvel universe franchises…it builds off the first movie and really is family oriented.

For me personally the humor was flat. Not bad or raunchy, just predictable and nothing that hasn’t already been done…it is the typical “roadmap plot” fare. A lot of the secondary characters are cardboard cut out stereotype caricatures.

The shrinking scenes and chases were fun…they did introduce another Marvel character that originated way back in 1987, and it was handled well…they didn’t go over the top with the villain or other protagonist and of course there is the ever present redemption of characters which is a good thing if handled correctly, this was in my opinion.

It is worth escaping the heat for a little mindless fun…get some popcorn and enjoy!



I was more dismayed by the scientific premises (they are creating - and destroying - matter out of nothing left and right here) than by any spiritual or religious implications. It was enjoyable, light summer fare, no deep philosophical issues probed.


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