Do you think fake news is used on CNN and msnlsd? to deceive and control?

Do you think CNN uses fake news to lead you astray? As intended to control ?

@jimcarry , what do you mean by fake news ?

As for CNN and msnlsd , I know nothing of them .

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All the major stations and CNN and the like constantly misinform,slander, backbite, deride, revile our current President and others. I feel they want to constantly cause division by sparking a controversy every chance they get. We need unity not division! Let’s come together and be more God fearing and less political.


I believe that the MSM uses techniques such as selective reporting and careful use of adjectives to suggest to the viewer how they should feel and think about what’s going on


And yes they use brainwashing as their technique to control. Constantly pounding their own agenda into the minds of people watching.


We have a huge problem of people claiming to report the news when they want to be the news. Fake news in the USA is the widescale and inappropriate use of the word journalist instead of being a columnist or editorialist.


So, if our current President were to do something that wasn’t perfect, should they (CNN and FOX) report it? Just asking in case it ever happens.


No more so than Fox or Breitbart. All of those use deception to pander to their respective bases. They pick and choose what bits of info to put out, almost always out of context, to stir up their viewers and create as much controversy as they can. They are “for profit” organizations that stand to gain revenue by having the most sensational stories. I don’t much believe any of them. Trump isn’t the demon that CNN or MSNBC make him out to be, but he certainly also isn’t the saint Fox would want you to believe. Use the brain God gave you and discern as much as you can, realizing the truth is somewhere in the middle.


Absolutely, but you can’t watch any station for more than 5 minutes before there is political play.

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Thanks, I just sprayed coffee on my keyboard. hahaha


I think ALL media has a bias. The news media has historically always had a bias. Some newspapers have a conservative bend to them, while others a liberal bend. This has existed for a long time.

In regards to TV news, due to the way it developed, I believe it was the liberals who were first attracted to it, as conservative newspaper people thought TV news was an abomination.

It’s my opinion, that because of this, TV news has always had a slight left leaning bias. Then, FOX News came along to directly address this by offering an overtly right leaning news channel. In response, MSNBC was created and then CNN changed their focus to a similar format as FOX News and MSNBC.

In closing, I don’t think CNN and MSNBC always plan to deceive and control, however, they do present the news from their world view (as does FOX News). However, when it comes to Donald Trump, I do think MSNBC and CNN have gone off the deep end.

They both pumped up Donald Trump during the primaries because they thought Hillary would kill Trump. Then, when Trump officially won the primary, they flipped on him super fast.

It’s seriously amazing to watch how they ALL loved Trump during the primaries. Trump used to even love CNN, talking good about them during the primaries. It wasn’t until the mainstream news flipped on him, that he started calling them “fake news.”

So the news channels do deserve the “fake news” title, because of the way they flipped on Trump and how they have gone insane after his win.

It’s honestly a crazy & sad situation.


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Let’s take Jimmy Kimmel for instance who supposedly is Catholic. Obama promoted bills and ideas that are intrinsically evil such as partial birth abortion, same sex marriage, and gender ideology etc etc and Jimmy never brought these things to the forefront, but Trump gets knocked every single day on his show?!?!?! It’s obvious.


I agree with you!

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Much of our media is, in my opinion, based on Goebbels propaganda strategy.

I don’t believe anything…


All of the major ‘news’ outlets (cnn, msnbc, Fox, etc) abandoned news reporting a long time ago and moved to slanted opinion…sad, sad state of affairs

Having a very bad President does’t help. If those networks simply reported his words without the opinion, it would shine a huge light on the crisis of leadership in this country. The slanted reported kills their credibility


^^^This! So much this!

Journalism, reporting, is so important that it’s freedom is enshrined in the Constitution.

When a journalist says thing with which one disagrees, that is not reason to accuse them of malevolence. That makes the accuser appear rather naive.

Never rely on a single source, get as primary as you can (newswires service is a good way to read primary sources).


There’s a difference between bias and fake news. All news outlets will have biases, from the stories they choose to run to how those stories are presented. “Fake news” also comes from all sides, not just certain stations. When I look at American news I see there has been false claims from Trump just as much as anyone else. Take today - Trump said he wasn’t 15 minutes late for the Queen in the UK as claimed by MSM, that was fake news. In actual fact, he was 15 minutes early, he claimed - which has also been debunked as fake news. So it comes from all sides.

Why? To convince people to a viewpoint. To overwhelm people with information so they can’t tell what is true and what is a lie. To further polarise entrenched positions. To cause chaos.


I’ve never seen or heard it worse than it is today.

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