Do you think God has a particular hymn he likes?



(He prefers the propers).


He probably does enjoy them all… it’s us who have the favorites! Like Ave Maria and the Gloria :wink:


Or, conversely:

See me after class.


I would guess God loves the “hymns” His angels sing – Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth and Gloria in excelsis Deo et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis in particular (not that I’m saying they sing in Latin…) – as well as those He inspired the psalmists to write, including that most wondrous word Hallelu-yah. And of course, Psalm 118, wherein we find shouts of Hosanna to He who comes in the name of the Lord. (vv. 25-26)

I think the Kyrie, the Gloria, the Sanctus, and the Agnus Dei are among the most beloved of God. How lucky we are that they are in our divine worship!

I would not know. It is easy for me to see an imagery of angels singing Hallelu-yah.

In his book “The Lambs Supper,” Scott Hahn analogizes the Sanctus to the cadence of a mighty, unbeatable army that is led by a Great General.

In that vein, I would venture to say the Sanctus is like the fight song of the Church. The Angels, the Church Triumphant, the Church Suffering and the Chuch Militant join their voices. (I am in a football mood because the Longhorns play Texas Tech in 26 minutes. Texas Fight! Texas Fight! And its good bye to A&M!..etc…etc…and so forth. )

The Gloria would be like our alma mater (like the Eyes of Texas). It is sung at the beginning of Mass.

And the Alleluia is like battle cry (Hook’em 'Horns!!)

Sorry my football mood hath carried me away.

Benedictgal…my fellow Longhorn…what do you think of my analogies? I’m sure there is a Sooner or Aggie out there who will correct me…

I do think he’s partial to the Tantum Ergo myself. :smiley:

Forgive me, a sinner.

I think he likes that one, chanted or hummed or sung silently in the mind.

But, I am guessing here.

SANCTUS, Sanctus, Sanctus, Dominus Deus Sabaoth. Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua. Hosanna in excelsis. Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini. Hosanna in excelsis.

As mentioned above, it would probably be the Sanctus. Since that is the hymn of the angels, and the angels know His Will in a more direct way than we do. Thus, they should know better than we and we would do well to follow their example.

And then, of course, are the Psalms. God authored them Himself, so one would presume the very hymns He gave us are the ones He likes to hear :slight_smile:

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