Do you think God makes different people experience Him differently?

So, for instance, before even the Beginning, God may have chosen certain people to be able to experience Him only intellectually (i.e. through reading the Bible, reading texts, and generally using their intellect), whilst others may have been predisposed to seeing the miraculous (seeing spirits, having locutions and visions etc), whilst another group may only experience God through deep meditation, and so forth?

Do you believe that God gives different people different capacities in order to understand Him? Is there official Church or philosophical teaching on this? And lastly, what “group” do you think God has placed you into :p?

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Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

Taking from your title, I don’t think God “Makes” us do anything. However we are created with various gifts, or tendancies, or abilities and these, along with our environment etc will effect how we see God etc…

As to “which group” I fit into, I’m not sure. Sort of a cross between intellectual and mystic although it may be more that I am drawn to each for different reasons. In the end I think it is the mystical aspects that get us nearer to God though since they tend to break down a lot of the barriers imposed by the more “intellectual” methods. The mystical strikes me as more of a “just do it” approach where the intellectual is always trying to "understand the whats and whys of things.



God gave us free will so make is a bad word. to the question absolutely

To expand slightly, we are all created as one of a kind. Thus, our journey through life is different from all others; our personality is different from all others and our spirits are unique. So, we respond to simuli differently and must be approached in slightly different manners.

If you read a bit of the lives of the Saints, you will see the amazing variety of souls that the Lord calls - each through an individualized approach.

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