Do you think, God will make you rich?

Why do you think it’s true? And what’s your denomination that teaches that?

Define rich?

Rich in life and love - Then yes I do.
Rich in material earthly goods and money - Then no. But I believe that God will ensure my family has enough to live life.

Peace be with you.


The preachers who preach “believe in God and you’ll be rewarded with fame, money, and good fortune” are not Catholic.

When I say rich; I’m talking about worldly riches like money.

Nope…prosperity gospel teaches this and it’s absolute nonsense

Our focus is suppose to be on the things of God, not the things of this world. Prosperity preaching is counter to the message of the Gospel.

The prosperity Gospel is not really all that popular. And most Christians vehemently condemn it.

You are on the wrong board. That is the “Prosperity Gospel” that many Protestant Evangelical and Non-Denominational Denominations teach. Mainstream Protestant denominations don’t teach it. That is certainly not a Catholic Teaching. Some of the Evangelical Protestant boards may be able to help explain why they believe it.

What happened to the apostles? Did they get A) rich, or B) martyred?


I thought it was a fair question here since this is the Non-Catholic Traditions board.

To answer the OP, there are far too many that do preach this but I would hazard a guess that you won’t find them on here. The majority of those who preach a “prosperity gospel” are normally glued to the TV set watching. Inspiration TV has some great family shows but somewhere in the wee hours of the morning you will see “campmeeting shows” where the speaker (I can’t say pastor or minister) is talking about the $1000 gift and what will happen to you if you are a giver…so sad…people who really can’t afford to do it are actually drawn in. My prayer is that God will see the validity of why they are giving and bless them, not necessarily with monetary riches but with a fullness of a happy and healthy life.

It would be harder for a rich man to get to heaven than for a camel to get through the eye of a needle. This makes me think, maybe I don’t want to be rich. Not to say that all rich people are arrogant and bad people, some rich people are good, moral, kind and sharing people.

I agree…I don’t do well with the money I have sometimes…I don’t want to think what I would do if I did have lots…I’d rather be where I am so I can really see the times that God does bless me than to have so much that I begin to depend on worldly “gods” and not my Father in heaven.

That being said, I have seen some very Godly rich people in the churches that I have attended - the people who own Grimmway Farms in Bakersfield CA being one such family. Their home was beautiful and they had almost any luxury available to them that this life could offer but their whole being showed God…friendly, humble, loving - God knows who will do well with riches and those who will not…

Vocations are vocations. If it is in God’s plan that I should be blessed with material wealth, it will be. The key is what I’m called to do with that wealth. Material goods are not to be possessed, they are to be distributed according to his plan. They are a means to an end. Material wealth should be used to support a modest lifestyle, a secure future for my immediate family, and then the rest should be used for corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Amen!! Sometimes I wish we could go back to how the early Christians did it by sharing all that they had with others be it material or spiritual gifts.

Catholic Church teaches that Mary forgives sins and if you have faith in her then you will go to heaven. See what I am doing here?

Please do not say “many Protestant Evangelical and Non-Denominational teach [it].” Prosperity Gospel is heresy and in no way represents the Gospel.

No need for slander opinions that are false. :slight_smile:

It is actually a very small heretical movement that seems large because they have taken to the airways of cable tv.

Unfortunately, the outrageous preachers of the prosperity gospel blinds many of us to the more insidious form of this belief.

Many (if not most) people believe at a fairly sub-conscious level, that God’s blessings will be in the form of an easier life. We treat those who have wealth and/or money as better, and even more blessed, than those who are struggling or have nothing.

While we admire someone like Mother Teresa, we don’t want to be like her. If God were to take everything from us we would not be able to follow the example set for us by Job.

I think it used to be taught that suffering for God was a good thing, carrying your cross, etc. Now, manyt of us seem to have expectations that God will, if not make us rich, at least make us comfortable as a sign that He loves us.

I’ll be happy and contented with having a loving nature in this temporal world, and then experiencing God’s perfect love in Heaven.

In material terms I feel that wealth is for sensible, fair and compassionate distribution.

You’re probably right. I think I elaborated a bit because any is too much - When I was a young Christian (in faith) and new to being a Lutheran it seemed that any Christian channel I turned to had something like it on it. I have always been a seeker and it took me a long time to become trustful of any other Christian teaching than conservative Lutheran but, of course, as time went on, good Christian teaching became more prevalent on TV and radio.

Thanks for correcting my “fish” story. :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to get there!! :thumbsup:

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