Do you think Heroes is a good series?

Hello all,
Do you think Heroes is a good series for Catholics? Is it safe to watch?

There’s Niki/Jessica as an online pornstar, the way Sylar killing people, etc. What’s your opinion?

Vince, there’s another thread here:

with everything you ever wanted to know about Heroes. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m quite active there actually.
The reason why I started a new thread because that thread seems to be pro Heroes whereas I want to find out people’s opinion about it.

Apparently, a friend of mine said that the series are not a good watch because it doesn’t hold Christian value in it. So what do you think about it? Some people even compare it to desperate housewives LoL

There’s good and bad in the series. Some of the bad you have already mentioned. The good is not hard to find. Watch the last series and see for yourself. Pete goes back on time to visit with one of his patients. The man tell Peter he believes Peter is the one to save the world because he has greater capacity to love. I think he said something close to rephrasing scripture, “the greatest of these is Love.” There are others.

The girl who can’t be damaged, but is constantly getting hurt from those who she loves.

The father of the girl who sacrifices himself to save his daughter.

The police officer who is constantly trying to do what is right, but is constantly accused of wrong.

There are more. I don’t know about comparing it to the housewives show, I’ve never watched it. For the record, I won’t let my kids watch the show for the reasons you mentioned above.

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