Do you think I’m wrong for saying the church shouldn’t open it’s doors for homeless people to sleep?


Right we need to keep a sense of sacred space. But basement or other meeting areas. It depends on the spaces available, restrooms, privacy and all that.


Yes that’s what I mean house them in the actual church part and my local church is also very very old very gothic looking from the outside


I read something one here I think it was on the passing the collection plate thread. About a church leaving the doors unlocked and the church getting ruined.

I don’t think a church is the best place to house the homeless


Most churches have some kind of meeting hall. That’s where we host the homeless for a week every winter.


Its also where other churches have their bingo games, AA meetings, community meetings, spaghetti dinners and other events. Very few churches will open their naves and sanctuaries up to be slept and lives in except under critical emergencies.


I’ve been homeless before. At the time, I was fortunate enough to own a car, and I quickly learned that church parking lots were some of the safest places to park for a night’s sleep. A few times, the resident priest/pastor would even allow me to get a shower in the morning. Thankfully I’m no longer homeless, but if it hadn’t been for churches providing safe places to sleep, that period of my life would’ve been much more difficult than it already was.


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